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The male angel drew a card as well...
Sun Mar 8, 2015 22:09

...before taking another swig of Bleeport. "Whaddya mean, V.R. will be the Card Czar? I'm perfectly fine! *hic*"
"My guess is that you do not handle fermented substances well," Ripper said calmly.
"But Bleeport is a synthetic wine! It's not like it's going to get me in any trouble..."
As Ripper watched, Cupid drank another mouthful of the Bleeport, and promptly started singing Pit's victory song prior to his visit to the Lunar Sanctum, albeit badly slurred and interrupted by periodic hiccuping.
"In any case, should you become too incapacitated to proceed, I'll take over for you," the Deinonychus said with a shrug. "I'm curious now - does this... 'game'... function like some of the other card games I've seen my handlers play? Like say, bridge or crazy eights?"

  • "You never know, Cupid," said Ami.eatpraylove, Sun Mar 8 21:20
    "Maybe whoever the next one is will run track to keep her lovely hourglass figure. Ooo! And then she could save the day by running an eight-minute mile to the bad guys' hideout and disable their... more
    • The male angel drew a card as well... — SkarmorySilver, Sun Mar 8 22:09
      • "Wait a minute..."eatpraylove, Wed Mar 11 23:04
        "You said earlier that you didn't see why an eight-minute mile in a Disney Princess movie was funny, so you must know at least the basics of Cards Against Humanity," said Miguel suspiciously. "How do ... more
        • "...sounds like something I honestly do not understand. Though that may be due to my mentality being different than that of a human." The Deinonychus scratched behind his ear with his killing claw,... more
          • Violet shook her head.eatpraylove, Fri Mar 20 09:28
            "Ripper just admitted he doesn't understand humor. I don't think letting him play would be a good idea." Ami smiled gratefully. "Hey, Miguel, are you still playing?" "Bwuh? Oh, yeah, thanks." Miguel... more
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