"Oh my dear ever-loving Arceus, where do I flocking start?"
Sun Mar 8, 2015 22:24

"Basically, this was a retelling of some of the episodes of the Johto-series anime from the point of view of Team Rocket. From what I was able to gather, the author of that fic actually made an entire anthology that kept on portraying that sort of stuff. Jessie and James - sorry, their replacements should've stayed in the breeding center, but nooooo, they kept getting it on like what would happen if a Skitty used Attract on a Wailord. You know those two Pokemon are in the same egg group, right?"
Falchion started laughing at his own joke, but then trailed off, sighed, and kept going. "We also witnessed a scene where those two beat the crap out of a replacement of Ash - which my dino friend had for dinner the next day, by the way - and a run-of-the-mill OOC replacement of Gary. Randa was so upset by this mission that she transferred to Bad Slash immediately after we got back."
The Armor Bird Pokemon spared a furtive glance at Cupid behind him, who had joined some of his other friends in some kind of card game and was now slurring out some kind of drunken ditty. "At least Sarah and Rosie managed to rescue the badfic characters from their concurrent mission," he warbled dryly. "We had to kill all of ours."

  • "And more importantly, is it anime-verse or game -verse? I imagine that the former must have a lot more visitors than the latter. Though I have to admit that keeping a dragon in a Poké Ball isn't... more
    • "Oh my dear ever-loving Arceus, where do I flocking start?" — SkarmorySilver, Sun Mar 8 22:24
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