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"I've heard the basics, but this 'humor' you speak of..."
Thu Mar 19, 2015 14:21

"...sounds like something I honestly do not understand. Though that may be due to my mentality being different than that of a human."
The Deinonychus scratched behind his ear with his killing claw, watching Cupid finish his drunken song.
"I've never had a mom," the angel admitted. "Lady Palutena created me..."
"I don't think that was the case," Ripper replied. "You were an author-wraith given a physical form, at least from what Rashida told me about you."
"And you're a skinny dinosaur," the angel replied before hiccuping again. "You don't plan to eat us, right?"
"The Flowers would have me executed if I dared," the raptor replied honestly. "Getting back to your question about bridge, Miguel, it is a popular team-based card game in which each two-player team bids on a particular card arrangement in each turn. My handlers used to play that game when I was younger, but I haven't participated in it myself. I would like to, however."
Cupid picked a card. "So, what do our cards say, huh?" he asked. "Oooh, and can Ripper play?"
"We'd have to start over again if that was the case, apparently. In case you've forgotten, that happened when you joined in."

  • "Wait a minute..."eatpraylove, Wed Mar 11 23:04
    "You said earlier that you didn't see why an eight-minute mile in a Disney Princess movie was funny, so you must know at least the basics of Cards Against Humanity," said Miguel suspiciously. "How do ... more
    • "I've heard the basics, but this 'humor' you speak of..." — SkarmorySilver, Thu Mar 19 14:21
      • Violet shook her head.eatpraylove, Fri Mar 20 09:28
        "Ripper just admitted he doesn't understand humor. I don't think letting him play would be a good idea." Ami smiled gratefully. "Hey, Miguel, are you still playing?" "Bwuh? Oh, yeah, thanks." Miguel... more
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