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Violet shook her head.
Fri Mar 20, 2015 09:28

"Ripper just admitted he doesn't understand humor. I don't think letting him play would be a good idea."

Ami smiled gratefully. "Hey, Miguel, are you still playing?"

"Bwuh? Oh, yeah, thanks." Miguel quickly chose a card on the left side of his hand and passed it to Violet.

She turned over Cupid's card. "'The Westboro Baptist Church'? What in the Underworld is that?"

"A bunch of loudmouthed reactionary crackpots," Miguel said coldly. "The rest of you are lucky you don't know of them."

Violet wisely decided not to press the issue and turned over Ami's card. "'Stonehenge'..." Chris' card. "'Double espresso shots'? ...OK, then." Miguel's card. "And 'Michael Keaton.' Ami, the Awesome Point and Card Czar privileges are yours."

"Yay!" Ami cheered. She waited for the others to draw a white card before taking one herself and revealing the next black card. "'Blank is not responding and must be shut down. Please contact your blank if the problem persists.'"

  • "...sounds like something I honestly do not understand. Though that may be due to my mentality being different than that of a human." The Deinonychus scratched behind his ear with his killing claw,... more
    • Violet shook her head. — eatpraylove, Fri Mar 20 09:28
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