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Wed Mar 25, 2015 22:42

((Valon's kinda too paralyzed to respond right now. He knows he said something insane, and he was desperate to defuse the situation. Kala just doesn't like being woken up.))

((Also, basically, I have in mind that the Replacement Sue is unconscious, possibly dead already, when Valon decides to learn the anatomy of a Mary Sue.))

  • The Guardsman dragged himself towards the bar.SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 25 22:33
    This had been an awfully long day. He'd been pummelled, shot at, burnt, defenestrated, thrown, and spat on by no less than four different Suvians that had fallen into HQ during his shift. Medical... more
    • ((Uh...)) — Voyd, Wed Mar 25 22:42
      • ((That's...))SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 25 22:50
        ((...not really OK, IMO. I mean, if it was a DMSE&R team of surgeons performing a post-mortem on a Sue, I'd understand but we're talking about an agent with a knife and no intention to make the death ... more
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