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"It wasn't his fault he freaked me out."
Wed Mar 25, 2015 23:31

"Well, I mean, it kind of was, but he couldn't have known about it..." Rina swallowed. "I'm just... just a bit twitchy about disembowelment..." She realized her leg was jittering and forced it to stay still.

  • "Hm, never really got into Star Trek, that was always more my dad's thing." Before he said anything else, Kala shot him a glare, and Valon remembered why he'd been stung. "... ah. Right. I'm going to ... more
    • "It wasn't his fault he freaked me out." — Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 23:31
      • Kala's eyes widened.Voyd, Wed Mar 25 23:40
        "Oh God... I didn't read the report... I didn't know that's what happened to you. Seriously, stop by RC 211 sometime. Valon doesn't get out much, and he needs people to talk to besides me. That, and... more
        • "I-I'll think about it."Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 00:01
          "As long as he promises to never bring that up again." She couldn't suppress a shudder.
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