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Wed Mar 25, 2015 23:32

"...we didn't find out until after we finished our first mission," said Lapis. "Someone slipped a copy of the Multiverse Monitor under the crack of the door in our RC. I was the first to read it, seeing as Sarah and Cupid were a bit... busy... with this thing called the Writhing Mass when we got back."
"Sarah has the cutest laugh," Cupid sighed dreamily.
"No, you do!" the Super replied playfully. "Anyway, I know enough about cover-ups in the news media to say with confidence that that article is total bull."
"And we missed most of the backlash, too," Cupid added. "We were struggling with a Super Smash Bros./Criminal Minds crossover involving a tyrannical uncanonical antagonistic army, and we... kinda got carried away."
"Especially Angel Face here," said Sarah. "He had the bright idea to drag Yveltal into all the fun. It was lucky all the canons got away, and even luckier that none of the Milivoj didn't."
Cupid covered his face behind his wings and said, "We are never speaking of that again. Ever."

  • The Luxray gave Lapis a grateful nod.Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 22:39
    Then he paused. "You... heard what happened?" he said. "I just want to make something clear, Rina did not destroy Gryffindor tower." Mentally, he was wondering how Alex had found out since Rina was... more
    • "Actually..." — SkarmorySilver, Wed Mar 25 23:32
      • "Well, maybe not total bull..."Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 23:38
        Zeb was blushing, not that anyone could tell under his fur. "Really just the 'destroyed tower' bit. And the 'foolhardy' bit, that was just insulting."
        • "Wait, foolhardy?!"SkarmorySilver, Wed Mar 25 23:53
          "From what Adam told me, Rina seems like a competent agent!" Sarah exclaimed. "Why would they call you and her 'foolhardy' for taking on a legendary badfic?!" "They weren't the ones who decided to do ... more
          • "Tried to make my partner look bad," Zeb said. "And she knows Harry Potter better than anyone I've ever met." He paused. "Not that I've met very many people, but still."
            • "You are one lucky Luxray, you know that?"SkarmorySilver, Thu Mar 26 01:57
              "My only experience with that continuum so far is that one HP/Pokemon crossover on my second training mission, co-starring Des, the Librarian, and that goddamn cat," Sarah muttered. "Rashida?" asked... more
              • "Only three others."Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 07:07
                "One was into Percy Jackson , but the other two were Harry Potter . I've only been in HQ for a little less than a month."
                • "Really? So have I!" said Cupid.SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 27 12:36
                  "We've only been on two missions," he added. "The Super Smash Bros/Criminal Minds one we mentioned earlier and one into the Godzilla fandom..." "We are never speaking of that ever again," Lapis... more
                  • "It was... interesting."Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 19:06
                    "The only non-replaced characters we got to meet were Grover and Clarisse, sorry. It involved some OC son of Chaos who was a... what was the word, porn star? He took off almost all of his clothes to... more
                    • A female Pikachu with a pink ribbon bow...Edhelistar, Sat Mar 28 11:30
                      ... with a Light Ball embroidered in it, arrives and waves at Zeb, "Piikaa! Kachu chu pika-pi pi-kaaa-chu! Chuuu chu, pikachu ka pika-pi pikachu piikaa pika-pika pipi ka!" [Translation: Hello!... more
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