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"You are one lucky Luxray, you know that?"
Thu Mar 26, 2015 01:57

"My only experience with that continuum so far is that one HP/Pokemon crossover on my second training mission, co-starring Des, the Librarian, and that goddamn cat," Sarah muttered.
"Rashida?" asked Lapis. "Yeah, Rayner told me a lot about her. She's not exactly the nicest person to have around, but you can count on her to know what she's doing."
"Not always. Anyway, I think I see someone I recognize! BRB, guys - You two can talk with Zeb while we wait for the food."
With that, Sarah stood up and headed off.
"So, Zeb..." said Lapis after an awkward pause, rubbing the back of her head and flashing a fidgety sharp-toothed smile, "have you had any previous missions before... THAT one?"
"Yeah, I was about to ask the same," Cupid added. "I'd hate to think of what would happen if the Flowers threw a newbie into a Legendary badfic on their first day."

  • "Tried to make my partner look bad," Zeb said. "And she knows Harry Potter better than anyone I've ever met." He paused. "Not that I've met very many people, but still."
    • "You are one lucky Luxray, you know that?" — SkarmorySilver, Thu Mar 26 01:57
      • "Only three others."Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 07:07
        "One was into Percy Jackson , but the other two were Harry Potter . I've only been in HQ for a little less than a month."
        • "Really? So have I!" said Cupid.SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 27 12:36
          "We've only been on two missions," he added. "The Super Smash Bros/Criminal Minds one we mentioned earlier and one into the Godzilla fandom..." "We are never speaking of that ever again," Lapis... more
          • "It was... interesting."Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 19:06
            "The only non-replaced characters we got to meet were Grover and Clarisse, sorry. It involved some OC son of Chaos who was a... what was the word, porn star? He took off almost all of his clothes to... more
            • A female Pikachu with a pink ribbon bow...Edhelistar, Sat Mar 28 11:30
              ... with a Light Ball embroidered in it, arrives and waves at Zeb, "Piikaa! Kachu chu pika-pi pi-kaaa-chu! Chuuu chu, pikachu ka pika-pi pikachu piikaa pika-pika pipi ka!" [Translation: Hello!... more
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