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Storme Hawk
A short time later two more Agents entered the bar
Thu Mar 26, 2015 08:24

"And I'm telling you, just because you're a Hawkeye expy doesn't mean you had rights to kill that 'Sue." The female agent argued, oblivious to the fact that they'd now reached their destination.
"Green Arrow" the male sighed, "besides I had a better shot AND you had the charge list..."
"Only because you shoved it at me before running off to get a better shot."
The two continued their argument as they wove through the bar, oblivious to the fact that the booth they were headed for currently held a single occupant.
Sitting down in the booth the male slid in next to C.J. whilst the female sat down opposite him, finally realizing that someone else was there the female sighed "Apollo." she exclaimed, "I thought you said no one else used this booth."
Apollo let out a long sigh in response before turning to C.J. "Sorry about all this, I'm Apollo, and" he lowered his voice "the screaming banshee" before returning to a more normal volume "opposite me is known as Kelly."

  • It had been a long day. As C.J. sat and waited to place an order, his thoughts turned to recent events - namely, the demise of a Legendary Badfic. This would normally be something to celebrate, but... more
    • A short time later two more Agents entered the bar — Storme Hawk, Thu Mar 26 08:24
      • C.J. looked up from his drink.Darkotas , Thu Mar 26 09:22
        "Hello, Apollo and Kelly. I'm C.J.," he said, turning his head to address each of them as he said their name. "I couldn't help but notice you mentioned this was your normal booth. I did not realize... more
        • "It's no real problem, this is only our third time here" "Second" Apollo corrected, not that he had time to say much more before Kelly started off again. "Whatever, so last time we were here no-one... more
          • "Archers, huh?"Darkotas, Thu Mar 26 10:42
            C.J. gave a small smile. "I've always liked bows - very elegant, takes more skill than a gun. I prefer throwing weapons myself. Anyway, to answer your question..." The smile faded from his face. "No, ... more
          • ((Just a note))Storme Hawk, Thu Mar 26 10:24
            ((the mission mentioned in the previous post hasn't been posted yet, but will be fitted into the timeline so its before this.))
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