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The tackle took out all the air from Solvig's lungs...
Thu Mar 26, 2015 09:23

"Ack... happy... to see you... too," said gasping the redhead/brunette, "no powers... need to breathe... Ow... may have... cracked rib..."

Shui-Hua (who was watching this with a sadistic glee) pushed up her glasses and finally decided to intervene, "Im Technician-in-Training Shui-Hua Liu, from the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology, Testing and Application Division. Now if you may, there's a certain Nurse from FicPsych who might like this girl returning in one piece."

  • "Solvig! Nice to see you again!"SkarmorySilver, Thu Mar 26 01:59
    Having left her partners to talk with the Luxray, the Super agent rushed over and tackle-glomped her new friend. "How's life? Have you been assigned yet? Where's your RC?" Then she noticed Shui-Hua... more
    • The tackle took out all the air from Solvig's lungs... — Edhelistar, Thu Mar 26 09:23
      • "Whoops! Sorry!" Sarah laughed.SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 27 12:38
        She disengaged from Solvig and gingerly shook Shui-Hua's hand, taking care not to break it this time. "Wait, no powers?" she asked to Solvig. "What happened? Did someone give you some kind of... more
        • Solvig made a "Wait" signal...Edhelistar, Fri Mar 27 14:38
          ...while she coughed and tried to regain her breath. Shui-Hua meanwhile shook Sarah's hand and said, "I take it that you must be Sarah, Solvig has spoken a lot about you," she smiled, "Solvig has a... more
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