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Storme Hawk
Kelly shrugged as she turned her attention towards C.J.
Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:17

"It's no real problem, this is only our third time here"
"Second" Apollo corrected, not that he had time to say much more before Kelly started off again.
"Whatever, so last time we were here no-one else was in the booth, and no-one tried to claim it, and we were here for a long time."
"Two hours, fifteen minutes and twenty three seconds" Apollo interjected quietly.
"Yeah, something like that." Kelly agreed, "And that was right before our first mission, which we've just come back from and is the reason we're here."
"I apparantly 'stole' her shot" Apollo explained, "We're both exceptional archers so the 'person who hits the bullseye with the least amount of arrows contest' was a draw, so we decided on a more peaceful challenge, whoever does something stupid, sorry exceptionally stupid" Apollo smirked at Kelly who glared at him as a reply "under the influence of any of the drinks from here loses and has to apologise to the winner. And if neither of us 'lose' then we should have calmed down by the time we exit here."
"And probably have another mission waiting for us." Kelly interjected this time, before swiftly changing the topic of the conversation. "So why are you here alone C.J. you out of a partner or something?"

  • C.J. looked up from his drink.Darkotas , Thu Mar 26 09:22
    "Hello, Apollo and Kelly. I'm C.J.," he said, turning his head to address each of them as he said their name. "I couldn't help but notice you mentioned this was your normal booth. I did not realize... more
    • Kelly shrugged as she turned her attention towards C.J. — Storme Hawk, Thu Mar 26 10:17
      • "Archers, huh?"Darkotas, Thu Mar 26 10:42
        C.J. gave a small smile. "I've always liked bows - very elegant, takes more skill than a gun. I prefer throwing weapons myself. Anyway, to answer your question..." The smile faded from his face. "No, ... more
      • ((Just a note))Storme Hawk, Thu Mar 26 10:24
        ((the mission mentioned in the previous post hasn't been posted yet, but will be fitted into the timeline so its before this.))
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