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Two more agents walked in.
Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:55

Well, one walked, the other fluttered through the air at her head height.

"About damn time I got something to drink!" Kalen grumbled, landing on his partner's shoulder and grabbing hold of her ear to keep his balance. "Do you have any idea how horrible it is to see mpreg Drarry?"

"Yes, Kalen, I know," Arinellya replied. "I was there, too. In fact, I'd say you have less reason to complain than I; after all, I didn't see you help delivering the twins."

Kalen snorted and flicked her on the ear. "Shaddap and go get me an ale, will ya?"

Arinellya turned to look at him, raising an eyebrow. "I beg your pardon?"

"Please," Kalen muttered.

"Of course, my dear partner, I'd be happy to get you an ale. Why don't you find a table for us?"

"Fine, but I'm sitting on the table this time. Last time I sat in a chair, someone else decided to sit on me!" And with that, Kalen took off, fluttering between patrons and finally finding a table that looked promising: the only occupant was a Klingon. Kalen liked Klingons; they knew how to fight. "Hey, you there," he called, flying up in the Klingon's face so he could be heard over the babble of Rudi's. "Mind if my partner and I sit here? She's the seven-foot, horned, blue babe over there," he said, jabbing a thumb at the agent in question.

((Decided to take these guys out for a test run before writing a mission with them! Introducing Kalen Briarthorn, maniacal pixie rogue, and Arinellya, coolheaded draenei priest, Department of Bad Slash.))

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