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"What is this place?"
Thu Mar 26, 2015 20:18

…one of the two agents, a human female, asked nervously as they entered the building.

"Rudi's. A popular hangout for agents of all sorts of craziness, species, and departments. Or so the slogan says," her partner replied, smiling. "Relax, Emma. I've been here plenty of times. You'll be fine." Before she could ask, he produced a small rectangular object wrapped in aluminum foil from his pocket. "I remembered your chocolate. Here. Now don't just eat it - I brought you here to meet people."

Emma swallowed her mouthful of the chocolate, specially made so as to include Bleeeprin in the recipe. "Thanks, Asher. Want me to get you something?"

"A root beer would be good. Just go ask the people at the counter. Here's the money. Emma? Emma!"

She started, her attention suddenly diverted from her candy, which she had been nibbling in a very focused manner. "What? Oh, sorry, Asher. I'll try not to get too distracted by it again."

He gave a long sigh. "I hope so. Now get going. I'll find a table."

As she left, he let his eyes wander until a certain table, already occupied but with a few empty seats, caught his attention. He walked over, raising a hand in greeting. "Hi there."

(I do not have Permission with these agents.)

  • Welcome to Rudi's!World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 12:13
    It's hard work, protecting the entirety of known reality. Sometimes, before you can get back to pushing back the Urple hordes, you need to take a moment for yourself and have a drink. You find... more
    • Let's try this again.TheShyIon, Sat Mar 28 14:04
      "But, Ginger," Alloy is saying, "you are not old enough!" Ginger laughs. "And *I'm* the Hermione replacement? 'Sides, I'm old enough for a witch!" "You are?" Alloy asks. She looks around. "Oh, my. We ... more
      • Rina looked up in surprise. "Ginger-Wise?" she asked, her eyes going wide. "And..." she frowned for a moment, forcing her fuzzy human memories into focus. "Alloy! Wow, how are you two doing?"
        • Ginger blinks in surprise.TheShyIon, Sat Mar 28 16:22
          "Huh? How do you know my name?" asks Ginger. "I mean, my old name." Alloy tilts her head. "I am sorry, I cannot recall where I might have met you. I am doing alright, I think? I apologize if my... more
          • "Oh, right! Um."Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 16:32
            Rina's face reddened again. "Uh, I'm Rina. Long story."
            • Ginger states blankly at Rina for a moment.TheShyIon, Sat Mar 28 22:01
              "I... what?" Ginger asks. "Is this a disguise generator party or something?" Alloy says, "Wait, Rina? I heard you saved my life back in my first mission; it is a bit fuzzy. I never got a chance to... more
              • "Don't say thank you!"Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 22:45
                "I mean, anyone would've done it." Rina turned to Ginger and grimaced. "Um, no, it's not a disguise generator party, sorry. I... eh, had a bit of an accident, you could say." ((Psst, we like to use... more
                • Ginger raised her eyebrows. "An accident?"TheShyIon, Sat Mar 28 22:52
                  Alloy gave Ginger a nervous glance. "She is prying again, I am afraid. I apologize." Ginger snorted. "I just want to know what sort of an accident turns someone like Rina was into, uh, that!" She... more
                  • "It's kinda a long story."Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 23:03
                    "I don't mind you asking, really, since everyone else is... So, long story short: Turned into a Time Lord and regenerated. That's it, no biggie." Rina smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes..
                    • Alloy fiddled with her glasses. "What is that?"TheShyIon, Sun Mar 29 21:47
                      Ginger shrugged. "It's like these time traveler people who run around in blue cubes or something." Alloy considered this. "Your explanation sounds a bit far-fetched, Ginger."
                      • Rina nearly snorted all over the tableIximaz, Sun Mar 29 22:06
                        "Not quite. The show, Doctor Who , is about a renegade Time Lord who travels in a TARDIS— Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, basically a time-traveling spaceship— that takes the shape of a blue... more
    • Gurgan and Derwin entered the bar, arguing.Mister Shoebox, Fri Mar 27 14:17
      The older ghoul was obviously not happy with his sheepishly-grinning partner, who was wearing a tea cozy on his head...for some reason. Gurgan rubbed his one good eye tiredly and desperately wished... more
    • Because Why Not?sjosten, Thu Mar 26 20:49
      "You know Shawn, most Agents go on a mission before getting drunk, not the other way around," Jack said as he pushed his way up to his partner at the bar. "Wondered when you'd show up. Get tired of... more
      • He noticed his sister's table was swarmed and decided to just wave to her instead of going over and saying hi, then looked around for somewhere to sit. Ah, that table over there looked promising. He... more
        • "Make Yourself At Home."sjosten, Fri Mar 27 22:57
          "For a second there, I was afraid I was scaring people off," Jack said, chuckling to himself. He eyed the younger Agent over, trying to figure out if they had met before. "I don't believe we've been... more
          • "Any last name?"Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 23:04
            Alex asked, returning the handshake. "I'm Alex Dives. I'm an intern with the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology." He realized he had ice crystals in his hair and brushed them out. "Sorry, ... more
            • "Ice Gun? Fancy."sjosten, Fri Mar 27 23:21
              "Always good to see new blood around here. Why dismantle the gun though? Seems like it would be useful for getting rid of some of DoGA's less," Jack paused, searching for the right word, "restrained... more
              • "Well, Sue tech is a bit wonky at times."Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 08:24
                Alex shrugged. "We gotta dismantle most of it to make sure it's got some sort of logic holding it together, otherwise it could fall apart at a very bad time. Not to mention we have to know how to... more
                • Jack said, shaking his head, "At least we'll be able to put it to good use afterwards." "Are you talking about me?" a mohawk sporting, leather wrapped punk said, walking over to the table and causing ... more
                  • "Oh, it's nothing really special."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 07:08
                    "My sister's in the DMS; she... introduced me to the PPC," Alex said, suddenly feeling very self-conscious and deciding maybe just a half-truth would be for the best. "Anyway, I've got an internship... more
                    • "Non-Alcoholic?"sjosten, Sun Mar 29 15:58
                      Shawn blinked for a few seconds silently, a completely dumbfounded look on his face, "Nah, I'm just messing with you. Got a Shirley Temple just in case," Shawn handed Alex the pink-ish drink. "Your... more
                      • "As far as I know, she's not."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 16:21
                        "At least, she hasn't been sent to FicPsych as far as I know." He paused. "Yet." He accepted the offered drink and took a sip. "Huh, not bad. Anyway, I don't know if introductions would go over so... more
                        • "Sibling Quarrels? That's Never Fun."sjosten, Sun Mar 29 18:14
                          Jack said, shaking his head, "My brothers and I used to bicker constantly, but the actual fights were never pretty." "Eh, don't worry. These things always blow over after a few days. Course, I don't... more
                          • "Oh, nah, nothing like that."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 19:25
                            "She's just, ah, had a bit of a rough time lately, and I don't think she wants to deal with meeting new people." He risked a glance at Rina's table. "Ah, who'm I kidding? She's surrounded by people.... more
                            • Jack said, raising his glass in the general direction of Rina's table. "Yeah, we should probably work our way over there eventually. Or I could just stay here and drink," Shawn said, shrugging. "Who... more
                              • "Yep, that'd be my sister."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 22:11
                                "And before you ask, no, I'm not a Time Lord," Alex sighed. "You know what happened to whatsisname, Tawaki Penguin? Same thing. I'm a bit surprised you haven't heard, it was all over the front page... more
                                • Jack sat shocked, mouth open comically wide. "So your sister's the triumphant warrior huh? Congrats man," Shawn said, patting Alex on the shoulder. "I just... it was right about something? I mean, I... more
                                  • Alex turned red.Iximaz, Mon Mar 30 05:58
                                    "Um, well, I'm fine. I mean, Rina's alive, right?" He looked around and pointed at Zeb. "That's her partner over there, by the way."
                                    • "Her Partner's a Cat?"sjosten, Mon Mar 30 20:49
                                      Shawn asked, looking warily at his drink for a moment. "There's a lot of unusual Agents running about. If the ponies can send in Agents, why not cats, right?" Jack offered. "This place is going to... more
                                      • "Actually, he's a Pokémon."Iximaz, Mon Mar 30 21:19
                                        "You know, "Gotta catch 'em all!"?" Alex prompted. "Eh, doesn't matter. Besides, I've heard of stranger agents. Like that one, ehm, wat was it called...? Oh yeah, the Radioactive Moss Creature!"
                                        • "I Remember the RMC."sjosten, Mon Mar 30 21:59
                                          "Had to file a couple of his mission reports back when I was in infrastructure," Jack said, gazing into the distance in the most overly dramatic way possible. "Pokemon and moss? And here I thought we ... more
                                          • "Well, 'weird' here is kinda subjective."Iximaz, Tue Mar 31 11:26
                                            "But I digress." Alex finished off his drink and reached for another that looked to be the same. "So, how long have you guys been here?"
                                            • "Not Long."sjosten, Tue Mar 31 11:56
                                              "Got pulled out of a fic just a few days ago. They rushed me through some training and put me with Jack here," Shawn said. "And I have no idea how long I've been here. Stupid headquarters time, I'll... more
                                              • "Huh."Iximaz, Tue Mar 31 12:50
                                                "I've known about the PPC for about a year now, but I only joined on as an intern last month." Alex took a sip of the drink and spat it back out. "Oh, that was not a virgin. What're things like in... more
                                                • "Wait, Why Don't We Have Lightsabers?"sjosten, Wed Apr 1 12:55
                                                  "I mean, it would be so much cooler than just shooting them," Shawn said. "Because we would have to get training, and I don't think either of us has the patience for that." Jack said, "But yes, it... more
    • "What is this place?" — Silenthunder, Thu Mar 26 20:18
    • There was a faint thud coming from the doors...domirossi, Thu Mar 26 15:25
      ... Quickly followed by not-so-faint swearing. Indeed, Dom Irossi of the Department of Intelligence had failed to notice that the doors had closed right before he tried to enter the pub. He re-opened ... more
    • Kozar slumped in his seat in a corner.DawnFire, Thu Mar 26 11:33
      Klingons normally didn't slump, but Kozar felt he was entitled to a bit of slumping after completing two missions in a row and arguing with his partner over methods. He was nursing a pint of... more
      • Two more agents walked in.Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 11:55
        Well, one walked, the other fluttered through the air at her head height. "About damn time I got something to drink!" Kalen grumbled, landing on his partner's shoulder and grabbing hold of her ear to ... more
    • It had been a long day. As C.J. sat and waited to place an order, his thoughts turned to recent events - namely, the demise of a Legendary Badfic. This would normally be something to celebrate, but... more
      • A short time later two more Agents entered the barStorme Hawk, Thu Mar 26 08:24
        "And I'm telling you, just because you're a Hawkeye expy doesn't mean you had rights to kill that 'Sue." The female agent argued, oblivious to the fact that they'd now reached their destination.... more
        • C.J. looked up from his drink.Darkotas , Thu Mar 26 09:22
          "Hello, Apollo and Kelly. I'm C.J.," he said, turning his head to address each of them as he said their name. "I couldn't help but notice you mentioned this was your normal booth. I did not realize... more
          • "It's no real problem, this is only our third time here" "Second" Apollo corrected, not that he had time to say much more before Kelly started off again. "Whatever, so last time we were here no-one... more
            • "Archers, huh?"Darkotas, Thu Mar 26 10:42
              C.J. gave a small smile. "I've always liked bows - very elegant, takes more skill than a gun. I prefer throwing weapons myself. Anyway, to answer your question..." The smile faded from his face. "No, ... more
            • ((Just a note))Storme Hawk, Thu Mar 26 10:24
              ((the mission mentioned in the previous post hasn't been posted yet, but will be fitted into the timeline so its before this.))
    • The bar had been empty for a while now.Scapegrace, Wed Mar 25 12:20
      The only thing left in the place was the gentle hum of fridges with slightly dodgy wiring and the occasional flap of paper turning over. Why paper? Well, that was rather the fault of the woman in the ... more
      • A tall, thin man entered the bar. SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 25 19:56
        He nervously scanned his suspiciously silent surroundings. Rudi's was normally a little more animated than this, right? He took a hesitant step forward. Nothing happened, so he took another step... more
        • Rina noticed the Notary in the corner and immediately turned to leave, but Zeb grabbed her sleeve with his teeth. "What's the matter?" he said, once she'd stopped trying to leave. "Come on, Mr.... more
          • "I loved a maid as red as autumn..."Voyd, Wed Mar 25 20:53
            " ...with sunset in her hair~ " Valon was singing softly to himself in the corner, while Kala dozed next to him. He stopped when he saw Rina walk in. Valon's trademark enormous grin appeared on his... more
            • "Uh... fine, thanks," she said nervously. "Do I know you?"
              • "Probably not."Voyd, Wed Mar 25 21:05
                "But I helped clean up what was left of Rose's world. My name's Valon Vance, Department of Floaters. The gigantic cranky sleepyhead next to me is Kala Jeng. Don't wake her up; this is the first time... more
                • "Oh, um, they're okay, I guess?"Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 21:38
                  Zeb peered at the man who was somehow taller, paler, and bonier than Rina. "You answered the call for Rose? I can't say how grateful I am; there was no way we could have finished the job on our own."
                  • "Don't mention it."Voyd, Wed Mar 25 22:02
                    "I got to play Surgeon Simulator on a Luna replacement. It ain't torture if they can't feel it." His grin changed to a slightly more crazed one. "Brutal murder achieved in... ah, who cares. The point ... more
                    • The Guardsman dragged himself towards the bar.SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 25 22:33
                      This had been an awfully long day. He'd been pummelled, shot at, burnt, defenestrated, thrown, and spat on by no less than four different Suvians that had fallen into HQ during his shift. Medical... more
                      • ((Uh...))Voyd, Wed Mar 25 22:42
                        ((Valon's kinda too paralyzed to respond right now. He knows he said something insane, and he was desperate to defuse the situation. Kala just doesn't like being woken up.)) ((Also, basically, I have ... more
                        • ((That's...))SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 25 22:50
                          ((...not really OK, IMO. I mean, if it was a DMSE&R team of surgeons performing a post-mortem on a Sue, I'd understand but we're talking about an agent with a knife and no intention to make the death ... more
                    • Zeb felt his stomach flipIximaz, Wed Mar 25 22:12
                      and Rina blanched, one hand going to her own stomach. "R-right," Rina said shakily, trying to calm her racing hearts. "Well, it was nice meeting you, Valon." She glanced at Zeb and William, mouthing, ... more
                      • Valon frowned.Voyd, Wed Mar 25 22:22
                        "Oh... dear, I've gone and said something crazy haven't I?" Ignoring his own advice, he clapped Kala on the shoulder. "Oi, wake up and defuse the situation." Kala didn't seem to be in the mood to... more
                        • Even as Zeb left, Rina was sweating.Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 22:29
                          "Um, Lust Objects?" she said quickly. "Yeah, sooner or later he'll get a mission involving one. My very first one involved the Sue going after my primary LO. It wasn't pretty." ((So awkward RPing... more
                          • Kala sat up and stretched.Voyd, Wed Mar 25 22:37
                            "Ouch. Thankfully, nobody's touching Kimihito Kurusu. Though Valon says that in Monster Musume badfic, he tends to get swapped with someone else. Apparently, one of the replacements for the main man... more
                            • "That sounds... lovely."Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 22:44
                              At least she wasn't talking about disembowelment, Rina thought. She glanced at Zeb, who seemed to be occupied with chatting up the other three agents, then cast another frightened look at the Notary. ... more
                              • "Sure, go ahead."Voyd, Wed Mar 25 22:46
                                "I do apologize for Valon's comment. He's not normally >that insane. Usually, I'm the needlessly violent one."
                                • "Sounds a bit like me, actually,"Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 22:50
                                  Rina said as she quickly slid into her seat. "I think my tendency to burn down every uncanon location we see scares my partner just a little bit." She paused. "Before you ask, no, I'm DMS, not DOGA."
                                  • "Heh."Voyd, Wed Mar 25 22:54
                                    "Valon likes fire, but only because it looks pretty to him. He's the kind of guy that finds beauty in everything. Apparently, this includes the mini in our RC that looks like a gorilla with skin... more
                                    • Rina nodded and glanced at the newcomer.Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 23:01
                                      Something about him smelled different, but she couldn't place— She glanced over her shoulder at the Notary and took a sniff, just to be sure. Yep, same scent. So that's what they'd meant about... more
                                      • "We have three minis."Voyd, Wed Mar 25 23:08
                                        "One of them is actually from my home continuum, Monster Musume. She's a tiny slime, and she's really affectionate. We also have a mini-Brawler from Prototype, that being the cancerous gorilla I... more
                                        • "Really."SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 25 23:34
                                          The Guardsman didn't look impressed. He crossed his arms, drumming his fingers on his bicep. "From the top, if you please. Explain to me why vivisection is an appropriate method of execu--" That girl ... more
                                          • "N-no, it's not a disguise," she stammered. "I mean, it was, and then it wasn't. I mean—" She took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. Retelling the story never got any easier, it seemed. "Long story... more
                                            • The Guardsman cocked his head. SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 00:01
                                              Even if she wasn't a Gallifreyan native, her case certainly was interesting. He'd been told about agents pulling off stunts like these but he never thought he'd meet one in the flesh. "What, do you... more
                                              • The Notary jerked awake.Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 06:29
                                                "Hm? Wha?" People. There were people . Well, allegedly. She wasn't on her own any more, she wasn't- That thought got clamped down on as hard as she could. Over there was the Guardsman, she could tell ... more
                                              • "Emiranlanoamar?"Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 00:18
                                                Rina's relief was so visible it was almost embarrassing. "Oh, thank goodness, Desdendelle told me about you, but things kept coming up and I've been so busy with refiling paperwork I haven't had the... more
                                                • A Mage and a Drone enter the bar.Desdendelle, Thu Mar 26 03:02
                                                  “So I used the Stu’s laser rifle against him — it is amusing how many of them think CREWs are the best weapon there is — and simply reflected the shots back with a field. He never knew what hit him.” ... more
                                                  • Rina shrugged and nodded. "Um, sure, I guess..." She scooted over to make room, wondering why these people wanted to sit at this table when there were so many empty ones in the bar. "Do you guys know ... more
                                                    • The Guardsman scooted out of the way...SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 09:45
                                             let the Mage and the Drone sit at the table. "Nah, never met these guys. Go on and sit; I'm fine with standing," said the former soldier, eyeing Kala. He turned back to Rina. "Pleased to meet... more
                                                      • "..."Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 10:01
                                                        The Notary reached into the pocket of her robe and, after dumping several apples, a pink sock with eyes and a peculiar wig, and a glittery meat skewer on the floor next to her, ascertained that her... more
                                                        • ...and stalked over as best she could (her current regeneration didn't really do stalking very well. It was something she missed, and refused to admit out loud that she couldn't do). She had... more
                                                          • "And what fresh joy is this?"Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 12:23
                                                            "Make it quick, Reader, whatever your conundrum is; I have an appointment with the local firewater for which I have no intention of being late. I'm probably going to regret not having prepared some... more
                                                            • "You're not going anywhere," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 12:48
                                                              He had released the Notary and was busy scanning her body with his laser screwdriver. "You just suffered what might be a traumatic head injury and moving might make it worse. Now sit still while I... more
                                                              • She turned away from the Notary momentarily, and shook the Guardsman's hand. "I'm the Reader. DIC. It's a pleasure." Remembering the Notary, her scowl returned. "Notary, I just got back from two... more
                                                                • ((Sorry for disappearing...))Desdendelle, Fri Mar 27 12:30
                                                                  ((Internet went kablooey a while ago, using a backup connection.)) The Mage and the Drone ignored the Notary. Pointedly, some may say. “No, we have not met. I am Navare and this is my partner Amris.” ... more
                                                                • ((... For real?))Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 18:50
                                                                  ((I mean, she's a blast to write for, especially now that she has a proper backstory (which is getting explored in my next mission, Coming Soon, hype hype), but people missing her? And, um, missing... more
                                                              • "It's so sweet that you care."Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 13:34
                                                                "However, I am obviously fine. It will take more than moderate head trauma to keep me from any duties; the new one has met my associate, she'll be able to tell you about what goes on in my RC." The... more
                                                                • "Yeah, yeah."SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 14:53
                                                                  The Guardsman looked away from the Reader to check his screwdriver's interface. "Mmh. Nothing but bruises. You're lucky," he said as he pocketed his tool and stood up. "Most people would've had... more
                                                      • "Uh, well..."Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 09:56
                                                        Rina scratched her ear, looking sheepish. "I'm still trying to get used to both. To be honest, the time-sense thing is more than a little distracti-" The Notary walked past at that point, and Rina... more
                                                        • Valon returned to the bar.Voyd, Thu Mar 26 11:46
                                                          He was sporting a big black eye, he was carrying a small, cheerful-looking blob, and he looked horribly confused. "Uh... can anyone tell me why I left the bar? And why my left eye hurts? And why I... more
                                        • Rina gave Valon a frightened glanceIximaz, Wed Mar 25 23:17
                                          and decided to keep talking to Kala. "Tribbles are these little fluffy creatures from Star Trek , about yea big—" She motioned with her hands. "—and they eat everything in sight. 50% of their... more
                                          • "Hm, never really got into Star Trek, that was always more my dad's thing." Before he said anything else, Kala shot him a glare, and Valon remembered why he'd been stung. "... ah. Right. I'm going to ... more
                                            • "It wasn't his fault he freaked me out."Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 23:31
                                              "Well, I mean, it kind of was, but he couldn't have known about it..." Rina swallowed. "I'm just... just a bit twitchy about disembowelment..." She realized her leg was jittering and forced it to... more
                                              • Kala's eyes widened.Voyd, Wed Mar 25 23:40
                                                "Oh God... I didn't read the report... I didn't know that's what happened to you. Seriously, stop by RC 211 sometime. Valon doesn't get out much, and he needs people to talk to besides me. That, and... more
                                                • "I-I'll think about it."Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 00:01
                                                  "As long as he promises to never bring that up again." She couldn't suppress a shudder.
                  • "Man, I am dead tired," Sarah grumbled...SkarmorySilver, Wed Mar 25 21:58
           she and her partners entered the bar and made for the first empty table they saw. Amusingly, it happened to be the one right next to where Rina, Zeb, and Valon were talking. Sarah and Lapis... more
                    • ((Is this RP canon, then?))Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 22:17
                      ((Because the Purim one wasn't for my agents. Zeb wasn't in HQ before April.))
                      • ((Hmm,,, This might be problem...))Edhelistar, Wed Mar 25 22:44
                        ((Considering that Solvig meeting Zeb is canon for me, and is the reason of why she has Pokémon listed as a fandom. Gods, I need a retcon!))
                        • ((Nothing says she can't meet him here.))Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 23:07
                          ((Plus she'd have Sarah to exchange superhero stories with!))
                          • ((Should I, or should I not....?)Edhelistar, Thu Mar 26 23:20
                            ((I want another character to meet Zeb [a 1'04" tall character], and I have been holding it back for when it's a better narrative point for it to appear, but since the other RPer seems to have... more
                          • ((I decided to take the DCU route...))Edhelistar, Wed Mar 25 23:39
                            (( know heavy timey wimey mindscrewy stuff, that not even the writers can make sense of. In other words, she met him, but at the same time not. Is better not to think too much about it.)
                      • (I believe so.)SkarmorySilver, Wed Mar 25 22:19
                        (Though I'll have to edit out the line where Cupid recognizes Zeb and wants to pet him again. Just forget I typed it. ^^;)
                        • ((Haha, okay.))Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 22:22
                          Zeb glaned at Rina and William, then at the other three agents. "I'm sorry, do I know you?" he asked, padding over. ((Oh Zeb. You so naive.))
                          • "Maybe not," said Sarah, "but your partner might..."SkarmorySilver, Wed Mar 25 22:34
                            "Well, by proxy, anyway. I have a Skarmory for a brother, and he once said he knew yours. Rina Dives, I think? Must've told her about me, that good ol' tin turkey." The Super chuckled, sitting a... more
                            • ((Oh whatever! I'll give a try!))Edhelistar, Wed Mar 25 23:31
                              The door to Rudi's opens and two girls, one an auburn-haired and blue-eyed caucasian, and the other an asian with blue eyes and blonde-dyed hair tied in a long braid; enter the bar. "So, this is... more
                              • "Solvig! Nice to see you again!"SkarmorySilver, Thu Mar 26 01:59
                                Having left her partners to talk with the Luxray, the Super agent rushed over and tackle-glomped her new friend. "How's life? Have you been assigned yet? Where's your RC?" Then she noticed Shui-Hua... more
                                • "Ack... happy... to see you... too," said gasping the redhead/brunette, "no powers... need to breathe... Ow... may have... cracked rib..." Shui-Hua (who was watching this with a sadistic glee) pushed ... more
                                  • "Whoops! Sorry!" Sarah laughed.SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 27 12:38
                                    She disengaged from Solvig and gingerly shook Shui-Hua's hand, taking care not to break it this time. "Wait, no powers?" she asked to Solvig. "What happened? Did someone give you some kind of... more
                                    • Solvig made a "Wait" signal...Edhelistar, Fri Mar 27 14:38
                                      ...while she coughed and tried to regain her breath. Shui-Hua meanwhile shook Sarah's hand and said, "I take it that you must be Sarah, Solvig has spoken a lot about you," she smiled, "Solvig has a... more
                            • The Luxray gave Lapis a grateful nod.Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 22:39
                              Then he paused. "You... heard what happened?" he said. "I just want to make something clear, Rina did not destroy Gryffindor tower." Mentally, he was wondering how Alex had found out since Rina was... more
                              • "Actually..."SkarmorySilver, Wed Mar 25 23:32
                                "...we didn't find out until after we finished our first mission," said Lapis. "Someone slipped a copy of the Multiverse Monitor under the crack of the door in our RC. I was the first to read it,... more
                                • "Well, maybe not total bull..."Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 23:38
                                  Zeb was blushing, not that anyone could tell under his fur. "Really just the 'destroyed tower' bit. And the 'foolhardy' bit, that was just insulting."
                                  • "Wait, foolhardy?!"SkarmorySilver, Wed Mar 25 23:53
                                    "From what Adam told me, Rina seems like a competent agent!" Sarah exclaimed. "Why would they call you and her 'foolhardy' for taking on a legendary badfic?!" "They weren't the ones who decided to do ... more
                                    • "Tried to make my partner look bad," Zeb said. "And she knows Harry Potter better than anyone I've ever met." He paused. "Not that I've met very many people, but still."
                                      • "You are one lucky Luxray, you know that?"SkarmorySilver, Thu Mar 26 01:57
                                        "My only experience with that continuum so far is that one HP/Pokemon crossover on my second training mission, co-starring Des, the Librarian, and that goddamn cat," Sarah muttered. "Rashida?" asked... more
                                        • "Only three others."Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 07:07
                                          "One was into Percy Jackson , but the other two were Harry Potter . I've only been in HQ for a little less than a month."
                                          • "Really? So have I!" said Cupid.SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 27 12:36
                                            "We've only been on two missions," he added. "The Super Smash Bros/Criminal Minds one we mentioned earlier and one into the Godzilla fandom..." "We are never speaking of that ever again," Lapis... more
                                            • "It was... interesting."Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 19:06
                                              "The only non-replaced characters we got to meet were Grover and Clarisse, sorry. It involved some OC son of Chaos who was a... what was the word, porn star? He took off almost all of his clothes to... more
                                              • A female Pikachu with a pink ribbon bow...Edhelistar, Sat Mar 28 11:30
                                                ... with a Light Ball embroidered in it, arrives and waves at Zeb, "Piikaa! Kachu chu pika-pi pi-kaaa-chu! Chuuu chu, pikachu ka pika-pi pikachu piikaa pika-pika pipi ka!" [Translation: Hello!... more
    • The doors opened again...domirossi, Thu Feb 19 16:24
      (Note: this is written without Permission.) And another tall young man stepped through them. The first noticeable difference with the previous one was his long blond hair, and his quilted jacket... more
      • ((My interlude, which is totally happening guys, I swear, takes place before Rina transforms. So, say whatever you want, have anyone you want show up. My interlude will not be affected.)) ((And I am... more
      • Unoccupied tables don't stay so for long in Rudi's.Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 13:26
        Case in point: about five minutes after Dom Irossi’s tea arrived at his table, a young man — he wasn’t exactly a teenager, but certainly not an adult — wearing a shabby brown longcoat and sporting a... more
        • Dom looked at the man in the longcoat.domirossi, Fri Feb 20 15:19
          "Why, because I drink tea? Well, I just don't really like coffee, so, I'm not sure if it means anything about my tastes... And, uh..." He hesitated for a few seconds, before finally saying: "Uh, yes, ... more
          • "Thank you."Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 16:11
            The man sat down, making sure his coat’s tails were out of the way. “I am Desdendelle, from Floaters, by-the-way.” He dug around in his pockets and fished out a small, hardcover book, a blue plastic... more
            • "My name is Dom. I just joined Intelligence."domirossi, Fri Feb 20 16:27
              "Today was my first day working in the PPC. The Sorting Room is a bit boring, but I don't really think I'm ready for action." He smiled. "So, uh... What continuum are you from? I'm from World One,... more
              • "It's complicated."Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 16:47
                Des rubbed his neck. “Basically? I come from this AU of World One. Things are a bit… different. No firearms, for starters. Everybody has a melee weapon.” He looked at the axe dangling from a loop in... more
                • "Interesting..."domirossi, Fri Feb 20 17:18
                  Dom pointed at his cup of tea. "At least, that one won't eat us. Probably." He chuckled. "Yeah, at first, I kinda wanted to join an Action Department, but I then realised I didn't know how to fight.... more
                  • Des didn't know whether to laugh or cry.Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 18:33
                    He settled for laughing until he cried and had to hold his sides. “What could possibly go wrong, you ask?” the agent tapped his temple. “You can go batshit, for starters.” His tone became serious.... more
                    • "Oh, uh... Yeah, right. Sorry."domirossi, Sat Feb 21 05:14
                      "I was specifically talking about the DoI's Action Division... But I've got to admit that what I said was incredibly stupid."
                      • "Yes, definitely."Desdendelle, Sat Feb 21 09:12
                        A waiter arrived and brought Des his tea. The man thanked him, poured himself a cup, and sighed. “If you ever end up in Action… look for a guy called Gaspard de Grasse. He had the bad luck of... more
                        • Dom poured himself another cup as well. "I'll try to look up the report later." He added some sugar to his tea, and said: "Well, I'm currently specialised in the first three seasons of MLP, and,... more
                          • "Huh."Desdendelle, Sat Feb 21 11:58
                            “I think I heard about it? Well, at least isn’t a continuum where a children’s card game holds undue importance, or a ‘verse where the government is purposefully sabotaged from within in order to... more
                            • "Well, it's actually pretty good..."domirossi, Sat Feb 21 14:02
                              "I mean, once you get over the whole 'dating birds' thing. Which is surprisingly easy. Never thought I'd cry for a dove." The spy, following Des's stare, looked at his tea. "I'd like to agree with... more
                              • "Oversteeped...?"Desdendelle, Sat Feb 21 14:44
                                The Floater raised an eyebrow. “Ask them to put the leaves on a separate plate or something next time. That’s what I do because gods know you can’t expect a pubbie to know how to make tea.” “And, you ... more
                                • Dom shrugged.domirossi, Sun Feb 22 11:42
                                  "Yeah, of course, it wasn't that surprising... But still weird."
                                  • "Well, "weird" is the norm here."Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 14:01
                                    “I mean,” Des said, “look around. I can see a MLP-verse pony, a bunch of later-gen Pokémon, is that a Protoss? A scorpion person, some kind of angel, dinosaurs, and oh Gods of Tea and Radiator is... more
                                    • "I think it is..."domirossi, Sun Feb 22 14:33
                                      "I'm not really familiar with the continuum, though. The few things I know are from looking it up on Wikipedia when that one private space company named their landing barge... I think it was 'Just... more
                                      • "Go read the books sometime."Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 16:12
                                        “I assure you,” Des said after taking a sip, “you will not regret. Aside from maybe Consider Phlebas . And, yes, the Culture’s ships have some very nice names indeed. “All Through With This Niceness... more
                                        • "I guess I should start with the second one? It's 'The Player of Games', right?" "And my personal favourite name is... Hold on." Dom took out his smartphone, typed something, waited for a while ("I... more
                                          • Des smiled.Desdendelle, Mon Feb 23 08:46
                                            “The good old Mistake Not,” he said. “Another good one is Experiencing a Significant Gravitas Shortfall. Hm, that might make an amusing title for a mission report…” Des rubbed his goatee, then... more
                                            • "Oh, yeah, I love the gravitas jokes."domirossi, Tue Feb 24 09:36
                                              Dom looked down at his now half-empty cup of tea. "I think I should get something to eat... It feels like it's been days since my last meal. What would you suggest?"
                                              • "Hm, food?"Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 11:05
                                                Des scratched his goatee. “The pastas they serve here are A-OK. The salads are appetising if you’re in a bunny-rabbit mood.” He started tapping the table absentmindedly. Tap-taptaptap, tap-taptaptap, ... more
                                                • "Okay..."domirossi, Tue Feb 24 15:17
                                                  Dom hailed a waiter. "Uh, excuse me... I'd like a plate of pesto pasta, please." "... Pesto pasta. Pesto pasta. Pesto pasta. Pasto pes-- Gaaah, almost broke my record." He then said to Des: "Uh...... more
                                                  • Des looked at the waiter.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 18:44
                                                    “I’d like a steak — regular cow, please, nothing odd — medium, with puree and garlic butter. Add to that a pitcher of lemonade,” he said. The waiter nodded, wrote their order on a piece of paper, and ... more
                                                    • "Honestly? Neither do I."domirossi, Tue Feb 24 18:53
                                                      "How long does it usually take for orders to arrive here? Maybe we could find something to do in the meantime..."
                                                      • A Smoke Knight and a mage walk into the bar...firemagic, Thu Feb 26 23:27
                                                        ((Sorry if it's not ok to jump in here...)) Lana and Ari wandered into Rudi's. "So, you've been holding up OK?" the older Agent asked. Ari shrugged. "Well enough." Lana peered at the blonde girl.... more
                                                        • "Oh, hello there!"Desdendelle, Fri Feb 27 06:32
                                                          “Haven’t seen you in quite a while,” Des said, rising from his seat and politely inclining his head. “How have you been?” He looked around. “Oh, right, introductions. Ari, meet Dom Irossi, from... more
                                                          • "Uh, hi..."domirossi, Fri Feb 27 10:25
                                                            Dom got up and made a step towards the newcomers, but he suddenly stopped, seeming a little bit uncomfortable. "So. Uh. Yeah, Des made the introductions here... Uh..."
                                                          • Re: "Oh, hello there!"firemagic, Fri Feb 27 09:11
                                                            "I've been OK, I think? I got to go back on missions again, finally." Ari shrugged. Lana offered her hand to shake. "Lana Kohler, DMS. I actually recruited Ari a while back. And you?"
                                                            • Des shook the offered hand.Desdendelle, Fri Feb 27 10:04
                                                              “Desdendelle, from Floaters,” he said. “Went on a mission with Ari, among others.” Des waved in the general direction of the table. “Come, do take a seat. I’m sure Dom won’t mind. Right?”
                                                              • "... Yeah, sure, no problem!"domirossi, Fri Feb 27 10:29
                                                                Dom smiled at the two agents. "At least, we'll have more conversation topics... Because it was getting kinda awkward here."
                                                                • Des looked over Ari's shoulder.Desdendelle, Sat Feb 28 17:42
                                                                  “Hey, Dom, there’s a saying where I come from,” he said. “‘Don’t open your mouth lest the Devil is listening.’ See this guy?” He pointed at a man wearing a longcoat not unlike his own — aside from... more
                                                                • Re: "... Yeah, sure, no problem!"firemagic, Fri Feb 27 18:34
                                                                  Lana smiled. "So, where are you two from? No, wait, let me guess... Some kind of French area, and... Hm. Mediterranean sea area? Levant region?" She frowned at Des. Ari sighed and sat down. "So, did... more
    • Abscond!Voyd, Thu Feb 19 15:58
      Valon slipped away from Kala and Navare. He found a nice spot in the corner of the bar, sat down and continued reading his book. "Too many people... I really don't do social." Somewhat unconsciously, ... more
      • "All right, you silver-tongued devil."SeaTurtle, Thu Feb 19 21:28
        "I'm Fire Flash, he's Big T," said a female voice from across the table. " Taldaris, " corrected a telepathic voice. "He's a super-powerful alien protoss, I'm a lame cartoon pony with no wings or... more
        • "Dwah!"Voyd, Thu Feb 19 21:43
          Valon, who had been rather engrossed in tales of jousting dwarfs, almost flew out of his seat. "I am high-strung and oblivious, no sneaky sneaky!" However, his gaunt face lit up when he realized what ... more
          • "En taro Adun, Agent."SeaTurtle, Thu Feb 19 22:05
            " It's good to see that my home continuum is somewhat known amongst PPC agents. Perhaps Aiur's plight has not been forgotten yet. " "Pffft. It's not what PPC agents think that matters, it's what the... more
            • "Uh... I'm Valon Vance."Voyd, Thu Feb 19 22:48
              "I'm in Floaters. My partner's impossible to miss, she's four hundred pounds of grouch on eight legs. That's her over there." He pointed out the girtabilu. "And she dragged me here supposedly to find ... more
              • "Also, uh..."Voyd, Fri Feb 20 10:55
                "I know 'en taro Adun' is traditional, but I thought you adopted Tassadar as a variant after the events of the first game? 'En taro' just means 'for the honor of,' and Tassadar did kinda kill the... more
                • " I left Aiur just after the Executor crashed the Gantrithor into the Overmind, " explained Taldaris. " I was leading a group of civilians to the Xel'Naga Warp Gate as part of the evacuation of Aiur. ... more
                  • "Sprite would be nice."Voyd, Fri Feb 20 11:22
                    "Or root beer, so long as it isn't caffeinated. Yep, I'm so devoted to keeping mind-altering chemicals out of my body that I don't even drink coffee. As for Kala, she's a girtablilu from the Monster... more
                    • "Well, there's a gradient of weirdness here..."SeaTurtle, Fri Feb 20 14:26
                      Fire Flash fiddled with her soft drink's crazy straw. "There's the 'lost-my-marbles' kind of weirdness you see from people that have been here for too long, there's the 'nonhuman' agent kind of... more
                      • "Plot holes."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 10:43
                        "I stayed because why the hell not. I provide my own food, and I don't usually see people because I rarely leave the RC."
                        • "The must be awfully boring," said Fire Flash.SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 11:08
                          "So whaddya do you do all day long? Sit around and brood until the console goes off in your ear? Think up new and interesting ways to convince yourself not to leave the RC? Play video games?... more
                          • Valon shrugged.Voyd, Sat Feb 21 11:38
                            "I mostly read and play games, video or tabletop. As for why I don't usually socialize, I'm a bit paranoid about accidentally offending people. I have a tough time reading people, and this is the... more
                            • "Screw 'em."SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 12:58
                              Taldaris looked down at Fire Flash as she took a sip of soda. She put down her drink and looked back at him. "Yeah, I said it! Screw 'em! Living a life in a hole is pathetic ! What is he? A stalli--... more
                              • "I suppose..."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 13:16
                                "I'm still not too great at socialization. And now I'm thinking of puppies learning to get along. I wonder who that weird ghost in Lumiose City is... are there any ghosts in the PPC?" Valon's brief... more
                                • Fire Flash blinked.SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 13:46
                                  "Wait, wha...?" " The Luminose ghost girl is most likely an unimplemented event, " said Taldaris without skipping a beat, " and several ghosts are currently employed by the PPC, yes. Miss Doom/Gloom... more
                                  • "Puppies are baby dogs."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 14:25
                                    "Anyway, have either of you heard of Dungeons and Dragons? I don't play DnD specifically, but I am looking for people willing to play Pathfinder, which is greatly similar."
                                    • "I know of DnD," said Fire Flash...SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 22:07
                                      "but I don't know anything about it. Sorry dude, you're gonna have to look elsewhere." " Agent Vance. Out of sheer curiosity do you exercise? asked Taldaris. " I think that your musculature and... more
                                      • "Uh..."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 22:26
                                        "I'm gonna have to go with D, none of the above. I had a pretty sedentary lifestyle before joining the PPC. I dance sometimes when nobody's around, but that hardly counts." Valon rolled his shoulder... more
                                        • Valon grinned widely.Voyd, Sun Feb 22 12:01
                                          "Is there a stage? Because I'm not a good fighter or socialite, but I am good at one thing: performance. Maybe I could sing?" He started singing to himself again; he had a soothing baritone. "I hear... more
                                          • ((Sorry about the delay.))SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 13:00
                                            ((Homework is piling up on my end and I've been fairly inconsistent with my replies. Sorry!)) - - - " If I recall correctly, the Department of Operations has a choir that's open to all PPC agents, "... more
                          • ((*That, darn it.)) (nm)SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 11:09
    • In which some dinosaurs and an angel say hello.SkarmorySilver, Thu Feb 19 13:34
      "What is this place, brother?" Velociripper asked anxiously, stepping into the pub after Falchion. "Rudi's pub," the Skarmory replied. "Rashida told me she visits this place every once in a while to... more
      • At the next table over...eatpraylove, Fri Feb 20 14:59
        ((this is canon, BTW)) Ami watched the rambunctious angel bemusedly. "I can't believe you seriously thought that guy was Pit," she remarked to their guest. "He looked the same! I was just as much of... more
        • Cupid ignored Owen as he looked around...SkarmorySilver, Fri Feb 20 18:29
          ...and recognized V.R.'s blonde hair and white wings almost immediately. "Hiiii, V.R.~!" he said, waving at her. "I really missed you! How's life, huh? Have you been assigned to a department yet?"... more
          • "Oh, hi, Cupid!"Anonymous, Fri Feb 20 20:47
            Vi giggled awkwardly and waved back. "There's a sentence I never thought I'd say. I haven't been assigned yet; the Floating Hyacinth said she'll decide once my Glitter level is below 100." She... more
            • "Don't worry," Ripper smiled. "I won't bite..."SkarmorySilver, Fri Feb 20 22:54
              "...unless, of course, you happen to be weak and unfit for survival, and I don't believe that to be the case. I am Velociripper, by the way. I hail from the Jurassic Park continuum, and like your... more
              • "Ooo, Jurassic Park!" Miguel grinned broadly.eatpraylove, Sat Feb 21 15:00
                "I loved that movie as a kid! I'm Miguel, by the way, nice to meet you. My horned friend over here is Ami--" she waved at Cupid and Ripper "--and the guy in the red hat is Chris. Cupid, we'll deal... more
                • "Floor ice cream gives you health! *hic*"SkarmorySilver, Mon Feb 23 16:50
                  ...Cupid cheered, earning odd looks from the others. He picked up his drinks and headed over to the seat they'd opened up for him. "...Are you sure you're in the proper state to play?" Ripper asked... more
                  • Chris facepalmed. "You just had to say it."eatpraylove, Mon Feb 23 18:43
                    "Also, since I have no idea what 'floor ice cream' is..." He flagged down a nearby waiter. "Excuse me, could we get a medium pepperoni pizza, please?" He raised an eyebrow but wrote down Chris' order ... more
                    • "Medium rare, marinated in beechnut oil and garnished with magnolia flowers and cycad fronds." The waiter looked at him, a little confused, but shrugged, jotted down the order, and moved away. "I... more
                      • "Oh, you mean our missions?"eatpraylove, Fri Feb 27 09:15
                        "Not too bad, considering we've only killed two Sues so for," Ami replied. "The hardest part about them is training Miguel and Violet, I think. Chris and I have read a lot of mission reports over HQ... more
                        • ((Pardon me for being late...))SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 01:58
                          "You have an Aquarius Blade?" asked Cupid eagerly, taking a card from his own hand and passing it to Ami. "Awesome! I've got an Angel Bow myself, along with some Guardian Orbitars and a Ninja Palm.... more
                          • ((You're fine.))eatpraylove, Thu Mar 5 15:16
                            The slightly horrified silence from the rest of the table was palpable. "...Good to know," said Ami, looking slightly pale. "Let's see what you guys chose." She turned over Miguel's card. "'Space... more
                            • "Alright!" Cupid cheered.SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 6 16:19
                              "Though I honestly have no idea how an eight-minute mile would play a major role in a Disney princess movie... Didn't they stop making those, anyway?" "Trust me, humans will never stop licensing... more
                              • "You never know, Cupid," said Ami.eatpraylove, Sun Mar 8 21:20
                                "Maybe whoever the next one is will run track to keep her lovely hourglass figure. Ooo! And then she could save the day by running an eight-minute mile to the bad guys' hideout and disable their... more
                                • The male angel drew a card as well...SkarmorySilver, Sun Mar 8 22:09
                                  ...before taking another swig of Bleeport. "Whaddya mean, V.R. will be the Card Czar? I'm perfectly fine! *hic*" "My guess is that you do not handle fermented substances well," Ripper said calmly.... more
                                  • "Wait a minute..."eatpraylove, Wed Mar 11 23:04
                                    "You said earlier that you didn't see why an eight-minute mile in a Disney Princess movie was funny, so you must know at least the basics of Cards Against Humanity," said Miguel suspiciously. "How do ... more
                                    • "...sounds like something I honestly do not understand. Though that may be due to my mentality being different than that of a human." The Deinonychus scratched behind his ear with his killing claw,... more
                                      • Violet shook her head.eatpraylove, Fri Mar 20 09:28
                                        "Ripper just admitted he doesn't understand humor. I don't think letting him play would be a good idea." Ami smiled gratefully. "Hey, Miguel, are you still playing?" "Bwuh? Oh, yeah, thanks." Miguel... more
            • ((Ack! Forgot my username!)) (nm)eatpraylove, Fri Feb 20 20:47
    • It sounded like the beginning of a bad joke, and Alex made sure to say so. Zeb frowned. "I feel like I'm missing something." "It's just a standard joke setup," Rina said, sliding into a booth. "You... more
      • ...a yellow blur, then something white and yellow slammed violently into one of the table's legs. There came another quick scuffling noise before a Jolteon wearing a K9-style ballistic vest propped... more
        • Zeb seemed a little taken aback,Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 14:48
          but he glanced at his companions and Printworthy. "Excuse me, but I hope you don't mind?" "Nah, go have fun," Rina said, smiling. Zeb got up and headed over to the Jolteon's table. The Eeveelution... more
          • Just then...SkarmorySilver, Thu Feb 19 14:57
            (Continued from here. ) Falchion heard the little commotion from the table next to them, and when he and the others looked up, he saw a familiar face. "Hi, Rina!" he called out to her. "I see you got ... more
            • Rina winced apologetically at Alex and Printworthy. "Sorry, one mo." She waved at Falchion. "Hey, Falch! Do you mind? I'm already kind of busy." Zeb, meanwhile, starting to feel extremely overwhelmed ... more
              • Maxwell was overjoyed...SeaTurtle, Thu Feb 19 15:25
       he saw the Luxray approaching the table, followed by Victoria and her trainer. He dashed over to Zeb and started prancing around him. "Hey! Hey! You made it! Yeah, this way to the cool kid's... more
                • "My name is Zeb."Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 15:37
                  The Luxray bowed his head to the trainer. "Pleasure to meet all of you. And I don't mind, really," he said, nodding at Maxwell. "It's almost a relief to see some energy around here." He shifted... more
                  • Benoît shrugged. SaeTurtle, Thu Feb 19 16:04
                    "It's been a rather long day, friend. Personally, I'd rather not talk about it--" "It's because he fell chest-first into a bear trap," whispered Maxwell to Zeb. "While shutting down an illegal... more
                    • Zen swallowed.Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 16:10
                      "I— I've only been here a few days," he mumbled, his ears flattening. Despite the Lucario's words, he felt anything but calm. "It's been, uh, interesting. Not exactly peaceful, but..." He faltered.... more
                      • "Go on."SeaTurtle, Thu Feb 19 16:50
                        Owen continued to stare unblinkingly at Zeb. "But what? Meowth got your tongue?" Benoît rapped his spoon against his bowl. "Oi, Owen. Can't you see you're freaking him out? Change your behaviour or... more
                        • At Maxwell's touch...Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 16:58
                          Zeb yelped and jumped away, electricity crackling across his body. It was a good thing Maxwell had the Volt Absorb ability, otherwise he would have been shocked. The Luxray backed away, fighting the... more
                          • "Woo! That was fun!"SeaTurtle, Thu Feb 19 18:05
                            Maxwell shook himself like a wet dog as his fur stood on end. "Thanks for the amperage, Z-man. I needed the pick-me-up." Benoît and Owen, on the other hand, noticed Zeb's sudden recoiling motion. The ... more
                            • "I— I'm sorry."Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 18:47
                              Zeb shook himself. "I don't know what came over me. Thank you." He carefully took the Lum berry in his mouth and chewed, doing his best to not grimace at the bitter taste. He did feel a little calmer ... more
                              • Benoît smiled and leaned back in his chair.SeaTurtle, Thu Feb 19 19:45
                                "Nah, not a problem. All four of these guys came with me when I fell into HQ about... a year ago? Yeah, that seems about right." The DIA officer pointed at Buck. "This guy here. First on the team.... more
                                • ((I feel stupid. DUH, he's from Kalos.))Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 19:58
                                  ((No idea why the name didn't tip me off... *headdesk*)) Zeb shuffled his paws. He wasn't sure how much he wanted to say. "Well," he began, "I was born in Sinnoh. Or at least, that's what I think... more
                                  • "Oh, Nuzlocke runs!" exclaimed Benoît.SeaTurtle, Thu Feb 19 20:26
                                    "Yeah, I head of those. It's like, you play a regular game except that you pretend that when a 'mon faints it's permadead. Fantastic what you learn once you're outside of your own continuum, eh?"... more
                                    • "I..."Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 20:46
                                      Zeb could feel tears beginning to well up. "Thank you. I'd love that." ((Erm... not really sure where to go from here. Thoughts?))
                                      • "Sure, mate. No problem. By the way, if you're looking for nice sunny places to nap, just ask Buck... when he wakes up," added Benoît, looking down at the standing snoozing Skiddo. "Good lord, I... more
                                        • "Moments?"Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 23:13
                                          Zeb asked, racking his brains. "Erm, well, our first mission together, our Gary Stu decided to do a... I think Rina called it a "stripe tease", and he was wearing an undergarment with a target... more
                                          • "You mean STRIP tease?"SkarmorySilver, Fri Feb 20 11:57
                                            ...Cupid piped up, who had been listening intently to the conversation between Zeb and Benoît's Pokemon along with Ripper and Falchion. The Deinonychus gave the angel a slightly put-off look. "Cupid, ... more
                                            • ...and came face-to-face with the Skarmory. "Oh, hello. Sorry, I didn't notice you back there. You were saying about Kalos?" From across the table, Owen shot Cupid a dirty look. The angel's Aura was... more
                                              • "I'm from Unova myself," the Skarmory replied.SkarmorySilver, Fri Feb 20 22:57
                                                "I do know a lot about the Kalos region, though, as well as most of Pokemon X and Y in general - courtesy of a neat little thing called the Internet. I'm Falchion, by the way. I heard your name's...... more
                                                • Benoît's face fell. SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 11:17
                                                  "Falchion? Oh, god. That means you're with her . Is it true that she... y'know, killed an agent? She dropped out of DIA because of the incident-- I guess that she wanted to isolate herself-- but do... more
                                                  • "And yeah, that sourpuss is my partner, unfortunately. I don't know the specifics myself, but I did meet a friend of hers a while ago, and he was one of the witnesses. From what he told me, she... more
                                                    • "Well, 'fun' is subjective..."SeaTurtle, Mon Feb 23 19:15
                                                      Benoît sighed. "Like I said, we busted a Shaymin cloning op in the Courtyard earlier today. A group of agents went into one of the Pokémon films and took DNA samples from a load of Shaymin. They then ... more
                                                      • "Sounds painful," Falchion replied.SkarmorySilver, Tue Feb 24 18:11
                                                        "I mean, getting caught in a trap and being forced to watch all of that. At least there aren't gonna be any more cloned Shaymins, right?... right?..." Deciding he had nothing better to do, he flagged ... more
                                                        • "Baby T-Rexes...?"SeaTurtle, Tue Feb 24 21:57
                                                          "And you missioned a badfic with eleven crossed continua?" Benoît could only stare blankly at the table in disbelief. "I'm so happy I signed up for DIA. I don't think I could ever bring myself to... more
                                                          • "I'm pretty sure it's already been archived."SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 02:02
                                                            "The Hyacinth will probably know about what happened to it, so you might want to ask her instead." Falchion clicked his sharp beak, wondering if he should've ordered a diet soda along with his meal.... more
                                                            • "Oh, man. Shape-shifters are the worst."SeaTurtle, Tue Mar 3 15:07
                                                              "Just last week there was this Potterverse metamorph-something Sue that fell into HQ and tried to infiltrate DMS thinking she could dismantle it from the inside. Granted, she didn't make it very far... more
                                                              • "I guess it was just that one mission..."SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 15:44
                                                                "...into that one horrifying MLP fic involving a homicidal replacement of Big Mac. Again, Rayner was the one who was there and not me, but yeah. I guess that experience alone must've been truly... more
                                                                • "Actually, she's still alive."SeaTurtle, Tue Mar 3 16:47
                                                                  "The Patrol officers managed to talk her down and convince her to surrender. She's in DMSE&R right now helping them test out who knows what." Benoît idly stirred his soup with his spoon. "Come to... more
                                          • Victoria cringed.SeaTurtle, Fri Feb 20 10:46
                                            "Is that what Suvians do out there in the field? Paint targets on themselves? No wonder they get killed in droves." The Gardevoir looked off into the distance. "Hmm... What can I tell you about my... more
                                            • The Luxray pondered the question.Iximaz, Fri Feb 20 18:31
                                              "Well, is it always as hard to navigate Headquarters as I have been led to believe?" ((Note to self: bring more agents next time.))
                                              • "There's a trick, actually," said Victoria.SeaTurtle, Fri Feb 20 20:32
                                                "And it's not the 'distract yourself' tip that everyone seems to give around here. If you walk around HQ long enough, you'll find that there are patterns that start to emerge: elevators between... more
                                                • "Interesting," Zeb said.Iximaz, Sat Feb 21 09:42
                                                  He frowned. "But if there are patterns to Headquarters, how does the self-distraction come into play? I might not have been here for very long, but I have heard multiple agents swear by it."
                                                  • "That's the other part."SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 10:14
                                                    "The more you notice the pattern, the more you move along only one of HQ's six dimensions," said Victoria. "In other words, you just keep going around and around and around until you distract... more
                                                    • ((Ah, that's pretty neat, actually.))Iximaz, Sat Feb 21 12:01
                                                      Zeb nodded to himself. "I'll be sure to pass the information on to my partner," he said. "She's been an agent for over a year now and thinks distracting oneself is the only way to get around. Told me ... more
                                                      • Buck raised his head. SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 13:08
                                                        "Cake?" he yawned. "Where's the cake? Did I miss something?" "Not cake, Zeb," said Victoria. "It's the number pi. Three-point-one-four... and so on." Buck approached Victoria. "You have pie? May I... more
                                                        • "Well, erm..."Iximaz, Sat Feb 21 16:32
                                                          Zeb resisted the urge to look away. "I would like to learn how to read. Properly learn, I mean. It's probably a bad idea to rely on my Universal Translator all the time." He thought for a moment.... more
                                                          • "Yes, all four of us," replied Victoria.SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 18:00
                                                            "But some of us have trouble actually showing up to class." The Gardevoir glowered at Maxwell, who smiled broadly. "We learnt a good deal about basic reading, writing, and mathematics. It's... more
                                                            • "I just sort of... hear them, I guess."Iximaz, Sat Feb 21 20:55
                                                              "But not actually hear them... It's like I hear it in my head. It's very odd." Zeb thought about it for a second. "Almost like telepathy, I suppose." He smiled somewhat nervously at Owen. "I'll, erm, ... more
                                                              • "You worry too much about others, Rookie."SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 21:47
                                                                "Besides, I think minimal training is the perfect way to prepare agents for the job." The Lucario smiled, exposing a row of sharp teeth. "You either die ignominiously in the field or you prove your... more
              • Whoopsie!SkarmorySilver, Thu Feb 19 15:15
                Falchion laughed in embarrassment, but didn't argue. "All righty, then!" As for Zeb, well... The fact that Cupid was already fawning over him was not exactly helping his case. "What IVs do you have?... more
      • Printworthy smiled, and waved at the familiar face.World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 14:31
        "Rina! My goodness, what a surprise seeing you here!" He cantered over to their table, a mug of Sweet Apple Acres cider leisurely floating beside him. He looked over the gathering. "And who might... more
        • "Printworthy! It's so good to see you!" She pointed at Alex and Zeb in turn. "That's my brother, Alex; he's an intern with the Department of sufficiently Advanced Technology. And this is Zeb. He's my ... more
          • The unicorn bowed his head towards the others.World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 15:06
            "A pleasure to meet you both." He stepped aside, allowing the Pokemon to pass. "By all means. I will have to catch up with you at some point, however." He looked over to Rina, surprised. "New... more
            • "Randa's fine, promise."Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 15:12
              Rina frowned. "At least, she was when I last heard from her. She's in Bad Slash now." She glanced over at Marvin. If the blush wasn't noticeable earlier, it surely was now. "Is everything okay with... more
              • Printworthy sighed in relief.World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 15:24
                "Well, that's good to hear. Given the nature of our ocupation... Well, you can never be sure. Hopefully, she finds Bad Slash more suitable to her." He nodded. "Marvin is just fine. He just wants to... more
                • "So you're a pony?"Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 15:32
                  Alex cut in, his eyes shining. "Are you from Ponyville? Have you ever met Pinkie Pie? What about magic? Can you do magic? That would be so cool OW!" Rina had kicked him under the table again. Alex... more
                  • Printworthy laughed.World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 15:46
                    "Relax, Rina. There's nothing wrong with being curious. I would be happy to answer his questions." He turned towards Alex. "To your questions; yes, I am indeed Equestrian, however, I am not from... more
                    • "Sweet."Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 15:59
                      Alex grinned and took a sip of his hot chocolate. "Sounds like you've had some cool adventures." "Oi, what am I, chopped liver?" Rina protested. "You don't count, you've already told me your... more
                      • "More then you know."World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 16:22
                        Printworthy took a sip from his cider. "Back when I was living in Equestia, I was the author of the Daring Do adventure seres. Ah, I see you have heard of it. Yes, well, back then, I had the... more
                        • Rina choked into her mug.Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 16:30
                          "Wh-what do you mean?" she stammered. "I mean, um, yeah, I told him about our mission together." Alex glanced from Rina to Printworthy. "I get the feeling you didn't tell me everything..." Rina... more
                          • Printworthy shrugged.World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 18:04
                            "Oh, I am sure she shared all of the important details with you. Although, that does remind me." He turned back towards Rina. "As I recall, you and Marvin did organize a meeting later on. Tell me,... more
                            • Alex turned to look at his sister,Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 18:40
                              who had buried her face in her arms. "Sabrina? Have you been—?" "No!" Rina yelled. She paused, realizing her shout had been rather loud. "We were pegasi, okay? He was showing me how to fly." "I'm so... more
                              • Printworthy started to object.World-Jumper, Fri Feb 20 14:49
                                "I am sorry if you misinterpreted me. I merely wished to know how the flying lessons went, nothing more--" "YOU!" Printworthy turned, to see... Rainbow Dash? Who was storming towards Marvin, yelling... more
                                • Rina and Alex whirled at the shout.Iximaz, Fri Feb 20 18:35
                                  Alex's eyes were huge. "Holy crap, is that a changeling?!" "Yep," Rina said grimly, reaching for her crowbar. "If she thinks she can come in here like this... Well, she's got another think coming."... more
                                  • ((Whoah! Not just yet!))World-Jumper, Sat Feb 21 06:18
                                    ((I mean, thank you for continuing this, and I will use those exact lines of dialogue when I write the interlude, just not yet. I will send you the doc this weekend, possibly Monday, to add your... more
      • Noise from outsideVoyd, Thu Feb 19 12:56
        The doors opened, and a tall, cadaverous young man was shoved roughly into the bar by a woman attached to the body of a seven-foot scorpion. "Kala, back! RC! Must have minis, not people!" "Valon,... more
        • A Mage and a Drone enter a bar.Desdendelle, Thu Feb 19 13:19
          “Your world has a saying about “eat, drink, and be merry”, no?” someone said from behind Valon. Were he to turn, he'd see a tall, brown-haired man wearing a sensible uniform — black jacket over a... more
          • Re: A Mage and a Drone enter a bar.Voyd, Thu Feb 19 13:36
            Valon jumped and whirled around. "DAH! No sneaky sneaky around the jumpy man!" He took a moment to collect himself. "Yeah, that is a thing we say, but I've never been to a bar, or a party, or any... more
            • Re: A Mage and a Drone enter a bar.Desdendelle, Thu Feb 19 13:50
              “Please to meet you.” The man inclined his head. “I am” — he grimaced — “Navare, also from the Department of Floaters.” He waved at the floating ball. “This is Amris, my partner.” “I can introduce... more
              • Re: A Mage and a Drone enter a bar.Voyd, Thu Feb 19 14:02
                "The gypsy girl with eight legs, two pincers and a tail like a wrecking ball? Yyyep, that's my partner, Kala Jeng." The girtablilu in question was quite irritated, as chairs typically aren't made... more
                • Valon was right, unfortunately.Desdendelle, Thu Feb 19 14:23
                  The glowing ball flashed white for a moment, then changed colour to brown tinged with blue. “I am not a glowing ball !” it screeched. “I am a Value 1.0 Drone, you freak of nature!” Navare, who... more
                  • Re: Valon was right, unfortunately.Voyd, Thu Feb 19 14:57
                    Kala's foul mood returned with a vengeance. "Freak of nature? I am a girtablilu, a scorpion woman with the blood of ancient Sumer, I-" Her tirade was cut short by a swift introduction of her skull to ... more
                    • Re: Valon was right, unfortunately.Desdendelle, Thu Feb 19 16:35
                      “Both of you — cut it.” Navare’s voice brooked no argument even as he shot a confused look at Valon’s back. “You, Kala — apologise. Amris is not a ball of light. Amris — you too. That was impolite,... more
                      • "Sigh..."Voyd, Thu Feb 19 16:44
                        "Alright, I'm sorry. I know I have anger management issues, I got kicked out of three homes because of it. I just don't like being reminded that this..." She tapped her legs, clicked her pincers a... more
                        • People can be reasonable!Desdendelle, Thu Feb 19 17:14
                          Navare shrugged. “I don’t find anything particularly wrong with you. Good soldiers can be found in all sorts of places. Look at me.” “What he means to say,” the Drone added, the fields covering it... more
                          • Re: People can be reasonable!Voyd, Thu Feb 19 17:18
                            Kala sighed again. "I guess have no choice. Even in our RC, I just kinda drape over the couch." She looked around. "Seriously, where'd Valon run off to? He's six and a half feet tall and pale as... more
                            • The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 06:19
                              “I could try to fashion a chair out of mana for you,” Navare said, “but I’m a combat mage, not a Myedoan builder. Amris could not doubt design something but it’s not inclined toward that, either.... more
                              • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Voyd, Fri Feb 20 08:06
                                "Yup. I wonder when he'll notice that he's not the only one there?" She took her "seat" the only way she really could: allowing all of her legs to give out at once. "So anyway, what continuum are you ... more
                                • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 09:37
                                  “I’m from the Culture ,” Amris noted. It settled on the table, its fields turning rainbow-coloured. “‘Communicating by effector’...? Who is it communicating with…?” wondered Navare. “But I forget... more
                                  • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Voyd, Fri Feb 20 10:45
                                    "Never heard of The Culture. I have heard of Nanoha, but when I asked Valon about it, he said he'd never seen it. Anyway, I'm from Monster Musume, and Valon says he's from World One." She snapped her ... more
                                    • There will be foodDesdendelle, Fri Feb 20 11:01
                                      “The Culture are the good guys,” Navare said. “The quintessential soft-as-an-ocean space hippies with a do-gooder attitude. That verse is also so technologically advanced it’s a wonder the Culture,... more
                                      • Re: There will be foodVoyd, Fri Feb 20 11:28
                                        "It's a bar, so I could get drunk... I'd like some coffee." In response to strange looks, she sighed. "I know I'm a scorpion, but according to Monster Musume lore, girtablilu are a subspecies of... more
                                        • Excited Title! Two-Part Name!Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 12:38
                                          “You have scented water? Yes? Good. A bottle for me, please,” said Navare. The waiter nodded, scribbled the order on a piece of paper, and went back to the kitchen. “It would not surprise me,” the... more
                                          • Re: Excited Title! Two-Part Name!Voyd, Sat Feb 21 10:49
                                            "I can guess. A lot of liminals from my world have traits of animals they resemble. The author does a lot of biology research for the manga, and it's very accurate. Did you know, for instance, that... more
                                            • Navare chuckled.Desdendelle, Sat Feb 21 12:09
                                              “Do I look like a biologist to you?” he asked, amused. “I’m a soldier. I know how to perforate Stus with magic bullets, not how different species taste things.” He looked at his partner, who was... more
                                              • "That would be marvelous."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 22:44
                                                "Considering the Stu that Valon and I had to get rid of, help would be greatly appreciated. Apparently, he was a replacement of the main character from a game called Prototype. I got bored and... more
                                                • Navare gave the waving tail a worried look.Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 04:38
                                                  It wasn't readily apparent, but Amris also readied itself. “Survived a nuclear bomb? Nasty.” Navare rubbed his chin. “Next time, try to drop the Stu into a black hole. This guy sounds a little too... more
                                                  • "I guess so..."Voyd, Sun Feb 22 10:49
                                                    Kala's tail stopped moving. "Valon said that my home continuum is probably the only one where I don't need a disguise, which gives me full access to my normal abilities. It's common for liminals to... more
                                                    • “No.”Anonymous, Sun Feb 22 13:58
                                                      “What it means to say is that no, it did not have to assume a humanoid disguise. We were only sent on one mission so far, and the distances involved made disguises irrelevant,” Navare added. “I won’t ... more
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