The Notary just looked at him.
Thu Mar 26, 2015 20:22

Well, she might have been looking at something she was scraping off her shoe. "You will have a full report on my actions here, as well as your lack of respect for personal privacy or property, courtesy of the DIA Internal Review System as soon as I am able to deliver one. You have deliberately sought to reveal the details of an agent's private life in a public setting in order to embarrass them, during the process of which you insulted them repeatedly. You have deliberately damaged equipment issued by the Quartermasters' Office over nothing more than a personal slight. This is what that report will say. I write them. Your superiors read them. I am not liked, but I serve a purpose. You? Your disciplinary record speaks for itself." With that, she showed him the smoking remains of her neuralyser. "Exhibit A." A polythene bag with a photo frame in it, the picture turned away. "Exhibit B. I can keep going, should you so desire. Or rather, you can keep digging, should you so desire. I'd recommend against it." With that, the Notary swept from the room, hauling a dataslate from her pocket and scratching furiously at it on her way out.


Actually, she genuinely didn't steal her TARDIS. Technically. Spoilers: one of her regenerations was drafted and put in charge of a blockade runner, arguably doing more good than the Guardsman did. It was cornered and shot to hell, the crew dead, the Notary needed a body that could survive this kind of adventure (it being sort-of canon that Time Ladies have a bit more control over their regenerations) and wound up as the Fourth Notary, aka. the fun one. From there? Well, the vessel was listed as lost, so she took it as a sign, and for a while she lived.

And now she's a scumbag bureaucrat with no compunctions about bending the rules to get her way because she knows exactly which rules she's capable of bending and how to get out of it when she runs into a situation where she has to actually break one. Fun!

  • Behind the Notary's back...SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 19:57
    ...the Guardsman quietly reached into his coat's pocket and withdrew his laser screwdriver. He pointed it at the sleeve in which the Notary had stowed her neuralyzer and sent a locking command to the ... more
    • The Notary just looked at him. — Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 20:22
      • As the Notary withdrew, the Guardsman laughed.SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 20:57
        "Have fun writing the forms!" He looked down at his chest and checked his body camera. "Yeah, it I got everything on tape," he muttered to himself. "Who does she think she is anyway? I just looked at ... more
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