((You do realize certain neurotoxins...)
Thu Mar 26, 2015 20:58

((Work differently on Time Lords due to physiology differences? Kala might be in trouble.))

  • ((Since Kala's personality at this moment is "RAWR HURT THING THAT MAKE MAD," you can easily predict what she'll try to do. If the Notary manages to stop her, or if she gets pinned by the giant bug,... more
    • ((You do realize certain neurotoxins...) — Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 20:58
      • ((What kind of trouble?))Voyd, Thu Mar 26 21:00
        ((Trouble as in she accidentally buffs the Notary, or trouble as in she kills her?))
        • ((Who knows? Maybe nothing.))Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 21:05
          "Stop! Stop it!" Rina jumped out of her seat and grabbed hold of Kala's tail, clinging on for dear life. "So help me, I'll take your tail off!" ((Hey, she might be scared of the Notary, but... more
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