"I was there. It may have escaped your notice."
Thu Mar 26, 2015 21:27

If it seemed like she was counting under her breath, she was. If it seemed like she was wincing as she moved, well, she was. You try hiding stuff when you're in that kind of pain.

"Since you have comported yourself in a manner unbecoming of a DIA operative, re: your repeated invasions of personal privacy and total lack of respect for personal property, I refuse to acknowledge any authority you purport to possess. This conversation is over." She sped up, still listing slightly to the left, her teeth gritted. She was still counting.

"fifty-nine... and go."

Her dataslate appeared from a pocket, the screen lightly dusted with ash, and she swiped quickly through some messages. There was a brief bing from the computer, and the Guardsman received a brief message from his bodycam.

"Warning: Error #37 in automated file download. This is due to an incomplete file transfer. Do you wish to upload the incomplete file? Further data may be lost."

The Notary kept her face as neutral as she could, and continued with her report.

  • ...the Guardsman stowed his radio without having to use it and ran off after the Notary, adjusting his body camera to make sure it registered everything. He wasn't afraid of the Notary's reports but... more
    • "I was there. It may have escaped your notice." — Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 21:27
      • "Nice try."SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 21:35
        "Also: let's add vandalizing DIA property to your little list of offences," he said as he zapped the body camera with his laser screwdriver in an attempt to salvage the file. "My, aren't we in... more
        • "I'm afraid I don't recall that taking place."Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 21:57
          "I merely sent a request that your department run an external diagnostic scan at the exact time of the automatic upload. You, however, have just deliberately and conspicuously messed with your... more
          • "Well played, Antrilovorasilendar."SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 22:22
            The Guardsman wrung out his tricorn hat and plopped it back on his head. "But I'll still have the last laugh." He turned around and walked back to Rudi's while dripping water all over the floor. He... more
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