"Was who here?"
Thu Mar 26, 2015 21:37

"I remember this guard dude getting ticked at this lady in fancy robes, and the next thing I know, I'm careening toward a wall. Why..." Kala took a moment to piece things together. "Ah. The lady in the robes. I guess she thought it would be a good idea to provoke someone who outweighs her by several hundred pounds. Shouldn't she get attacked a lot?"

((I am actually curious about that. You'd think that, considering the nutjobs employed in this place, and the fact that she's apparently a bitch to everyone, the Notary would have provoked the wrong one and gotten in a bad fight at least once in her career.))

  • "Oh dear, was she here?"Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 21:32
    "I really wish she wouldn't drink so much. She gets awful tetchy."
    • "Was who here?" — Voyd, Thu Mar 26 21:37
      • "Oh, she does."Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 22:00
        "In and out of Medical. It's kind of sad. I think she does it deliberately, you know, to..." Wobbles shrugged, always a dicey proposition from atop a unicycle. "To get hurt."
        • "Huh?"Voyd, Thu Mar 26 22:06
          "Surely she's realized that someone... like, for instance, me ... could go overboard and actually kill her? My stinger can only paralyze, but I've got two giant pincers that could take the head off a ... more
          • "I'm Wobbles the Clown!" =oDScapegrace, Thu Mar 26 22:09
            "Floaters, partnered with the Notary. I... guess one day I'll figure out why. But yeah, she knows that she could be killed by the wrong person and, well, uh... you ever heard of the phrase 's-word by ... more
            • That gave Kala pause.Voyd, Thu Mar 26 22:22
              "She's... suicidal? She doesn't seem the type..."
              • "No, she doesn't. Wouldn't quite blame her if she was, though, the Time War wasn't exactly fun." She shook her head, and focused properly on Wobbles, wondering absently how the human was managing to... more
                • "It's just her way."Scapegrace, Fri Mar 27 05:47
                  "She makes herself as unapproachable as she can, I think, 'cause of the non-awful her. Uh, I mean, this is all definitely just conjecture, you understand. Wouldn't want anybody to get the wrong idea... more
                  • How the human had managed to make a Balloon Eye of Harmony while staying balanced on a unicycle, all in the time it took for the pizza box to go up and come back down again, was entirely beyond her.... more
                    • "Glad ya like it!"Scapegrace, Fri Mar 27 13:33
                      Wobbles wasn't one of the more observant people, at least unless she chose to be. At the moment, she had other things on her mind - the Notary's coming war with the Guardsman chief among them - so... more
                      • The human had to mean well. There was no way she didn't. It still rankled. She chose to focus on the woman's words instead. "Friends! Yes. I have them." She eyed the clown. "Exactly how did you... more
                        • "No clue. Like, at all."Scapegrace, Fri Mar 27 19:40
                          "I just... it comes natural, y'know? Like seeing. You don't have to get taught it. I mean, I remember being taught, and being good at it, but..." Wobbles trailed off and chewed pensively on a slice... more
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