"I'm afraid I don't recall that taking place."
Thu Mar 26, 2015 21:57

"I merely sent a request that your department run an external diagnostic scan at the exact time of the automatic upload. You, however, have just deliberately and conspicuously messed with your bodycam while in the field and actively engaged in the pursuit of a suspect, no matter how dubious your allegations may be. That's a clear violation of DIA Code of Practice article #15, clause b, subsection xv. This is all going in the report. Nearly finished now, actually... and done." She allowed herself a small smile of satisfaction as she sent the form off, referenced thoroughly and in triplicate. "We're almost out of the Howling now. You'll probably want to put your other cameras back-"


"Since we'll be walking through a Thief's Downfall." The Notary fished out a handkerchief and wiped the water off. "Terribly sorry, it's the smoke. Counts as a disguise ever since that incursion a few months ago in DODAEG with the Frozen Sue, and it sets off the defence grid in enough quantities. I'm also privy to information regarding smartdust and similar platforms - everyone has their hobbies, after all - and I'm sure you're aware how badly delicate technology reacts to the presence of Potterverse-style magic in such quantities."

She turned to face him and smiled again, or at least showed her teeth. "So gentlemanly to walk a woman back to her RC after an accident. That will definitely be reflected in your report... or it would, had I not already sent it off. I can ask to resubmit, but once the gears begin to turn, well, I'm sure you know how that goes. Do drop round for tea and war stories sometime. I'm free on Saint Never's Day." With that, she gently shut the door of her RC and bolted it, deadlock-sealing it with the interlocking wooden setup that was the only kind her partner could use. Acute arcane technometaplasia. Such a horrid condition.

  • "Nice try."SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 21:35
    "Also: let's add vandalizing DIA property to your little list of offences," he said as he zapped the body camera with his laser screwdriver in an attempt to salvage the file. "My, aren't we in... more
    • "I'm afraid I don't recall that taking place." — Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 21:57
      • "Well played, Antrilovorasilendar."SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 22:22
        The Guardsman wrung out his tricorn hat and plopped it back on his head. "But I'll still have the last laugh." He turned around and walked back to Rudi's while dripping water all over the floor. He... more
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