"Well played, Antrilovorasilendar."
Thu Mar 26, 2015 22:22

The Guardsman wrung out his tricorn hat and plopped it back on his head. "But I'll still have the last laugh."

He turned around and walked back to Rudi's while dripping water all over the floor. He carefully stowed the medkit back where it belonged, pulled off his used gloves, and rearranged his body camera. The former soldier then stopped and leaned against the wall. He looked around him to make sure he was alone and pulled a out his laser screwdriver. He removed his tricorn and looked at the net of electrodes that lined the inside of the hat. Even if his passage through the Thief's Downfall had shorted out the hidden camera and the electronics embedded in his hat, everything up until his unexpected shower would've been recorded directly to his brain. Good old Gallifreyan headcam technology: the ultimate redundancy. Never leave home without it. The Guardsman pulled another set of electrodes from a pocket, attached them to his head, and wrapped the wires around the tip of his screwdriver. A few seconds later the video of his entire encounter with the Notary had been sent to DIA Central along with an email saying that he'd drop by Internal Review to clear up any misconceptions.

Satisfied with his work, the Guardsman put away his electronics and continued his walk towards Rudi's, whistling a merry tune.

  • "I'm afraid I don't recall that taking place."Scapegrace, Thu Mar 26 21:57
    "I merely sent a request that your department run an external diagnostic scan at the exact time of the automatic upload. You, however, have just deliberately and conspicuously messed with your... more
    • "Well played, Antrilovorasilendar." — SeaTurtle, Thu Mar 26 22:22
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