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Kozar met the flying creature's eyes, resisting...
Thu Mar 26, 2015 22:30

...the urge to swat at anything flying that close to his face. "Go ahead," he said, and indicated the empty chairs. He chanced a glance away, wanting to get a look at the mentioned partner.

As promised, she was seven feet tall, blue, and had horns. The flying being, whatever else it (he? Ze? Pronouns could be a touchy subject with aliens) was, wasn't a compulsive liar. Unless, of course, the seven-foot alien wasn't actually partnered with the flying one. He wouldn't know until she joined them, he supposed.

Speaking of pronouns, those often went along with names. Kozar preferred to know those, if he was going to be having a conversation; it cut down on confusion in the long run.

"So," he said, briefly eyeing his drink before deciding against having more of it. "Who are you?"

((So I have no real clue what Kalen looks like, beyond small and flying, presumably with wings. Same more or less goes for Arinellya, though draenei looks kind of familiar--is she from WoW? For that matter, where's Kalen from? Pixie can mean a lot of different things, depending on the canon.))


  • Two more agents walked in.Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 11:55
    Well, one walked, the other fluttered through the air at her head height. "About damn time I got something to drink!" Kalen grumbled, landing on his partner's shoulder and grabbing hold of her ear to ... more
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