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((Should I, or should I not....?)
Thu Mar 26, 2015 23:20

((I want another character to meet Zeb [a 1'04" tall character], and I have been holding it back for when it's a better narrative point for it to appear, but since the other RPer seems to have vanished, you think it would be a good idea to reveal this other character? 'Cuz I'm getting kind of bored =/ ))

  • ((Nothing says she can't meet him here.))Iximaz, Wed Mar 25 23:07
    ((Plus she'd have Sarah to exchange superhero stories with!))
    • ((Should I, or should I not....?) — Edhelistar, Thu Mar 26 23:20
    • ((I decided to take the DCU route...))Edhelistar, Wed Mar 25 23:39
      (( know heavy timey wimey mindscrewy stuff, that not even the writers can make sense of. In other words, she met him, but at the same time not. Is better not to think too much about it.)
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