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Arinellya got their drinks and looked around.
Thu Mar 26, 2015 23:49

She spotted a tiny green blur hovering in front of a Klingon. Go figure. She trotted over to the table, setting down a glass of Pandaren plum wine for herself and a pint of ale that Kalen could have bathed in.

"I'm Kalen Briarthorn, warrior of the Feywild!" Kalen said proudly, puffing up his little chest.

Arinellya hid a smile in her wineglass. "Did I miss introductions? My name is Arinellya, but since most people find my name to be a mouthful, I also go by Ari."

((Kalen's fron D&D. Green dragonfly wings, green hair, green eyes, green clothes, brown skin, and about four inches tall. Ari's from Wow, and has blue skin and hair, horns, hooves, and a tail. Oh, and her eyes glow. Is there a way to link pictures not on the internet? I have profile pics on my computer ready for as soon as I get a mission done with them.))

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