"Yeah, sure."
Fri Mar 27, 2015 08:35

"You got questions, I've got answers," said the Guardsman. "Well, most of the time. If you asked me how to fix a TARDIS I could show you that but you'd need..." He scratched his chin. "Say... a background in variable dimensional fields... transcendental mechanics... zero-point mathematics... the standard set of lectures on Vortex dynamics... oh, five hundred years of study at the Academy. But you're one of us now!" He clapped her on the shoulder. "You've got more than enough time on your hands. Hah, get it? Time? No, that was a rubbish joke. Forget it. Speaking of time, though... how old are you? You don't look ever twenty. Total, I mean. You're like a toddler! Imagine! Twenty years old and you didn't even look into the Vortex yet. No, wait. You were human. Right. I forgot that. Never mind. Speaking of which, that's something that everyone should to in their lives. Definitely not safe for your mind but it's one helluva experience."

He paused. "Oh, just tell me if I'm rambling. I have a tendency to go off on never-ending tangents. Like this one!"

  • "Oh, is that what's causing it?"Iximaz, Thu Mar 26 23:58
    "I just havent been able to make sense of it! And I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone other than the Notary and the Librarian, no time to go to the Canon Library and find books, and I haven't... more
    • "Yeah, sure." — SeaTurtle, Fri Mar 27 08:35
      • "Hey, I go on tangents all the time."Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 08:40
        Rina gave the Guardsman a weak smile and handed him his laser screwdriver. "Here, you kind of threw this." "Anyway, I think I turned eighteen a few days ago, but it's hard to be sure. Doc Fitz said... more
        • "Yessiree. You got time, though."SeaTurtle, Sat Mar 28 11:32
          "Provided you don't pull a Doctor and blow through over half of your regenerations in the span of a millennium you can easily live to be several thousand years old and only use up... say... five or... more
          • "Three thousand years?" Rina gasped.Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 11:42
            "That's... that's a long time..." She fell silent for a moment, staring down at the table and suddenly realizing just how incredibly young she must seem to the others. She decided it was best if she... more
            • "Painful?"SeaTurtle, Sat Mar 28 15:36
              "You're being torn apart and reassembled on a cellular level while your metabolism burns though an inherently unstable form of energy all while remaining conscious. Of course it hurts! Then again,... more
              • "That's... weird."Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 16:04
                "Really weird. I mean, I knew that, but it's a lot stranger now that it's applicable to me." She twisted a lock of hair nervously. "Um, so, you said the touch-based telepathy needed training. What... more
                • "No can do."SeaTurtle, Sat Mar 28 16:39
                  "It's as natural as breathing for us. On the up side, you'll be able to sense these weird 'tipping points' in time and guesstimate the best course of action based on your gut feeling for the future.... more
                  • Rina gave an undignified snort.Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 16:58
                    "Well, I'm sure that comes in handy once you're able to make sense of things."
                    • Valon, who had been spacing out...Voyd, Sat Mar 28 17:31
                      ...suddenly snapped back into reality. "Bwuh? Did you say telepathy? I dare anybody to get inside my skull." ((I kinda have in mind that Valon is just too weird to effectively read his mind. Anything ... more
                      • "DIA regulations on nonhuman agents..."SeaTurtle, Sat Mar 28 17:45
                        "...paragraph 3, sections seven to eleven," recited the Time Lord. "It boils down to this: 'if you are a telepath, no peeking into anyone's mind.' Stuff like that is strictly verboten; it's... more
                        • "Except Sues."Voyd, Sat Mar 28 17:57
                          "But even then, half the time I don't know what I'm thinking, so I doubt anyone else would." ((What is your opinion of Valon's psychic block of chaos?))
                          • ((It's a WIP of my D&D campaign. My character's a wizard/psion and when she tried to read the party rogue's mind, she just got a jumble of colors and a lot of noise. Sensory overload, his brain was... more
                            • "I have to agree," added the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Sat Mar 28 22:12
                              "Besides, how can a person operate if everything inside their mind is complete chaos? In order to achieve higher thought you have to have patterns somewhere, right? Any competent telepath should be... more
                              • "If your mind really was just chaos..."Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 22:41
                                "You probably wouldn't even realize it. I mean, I remember what post-regeneration delirium felt like, and at the time I thought things were totally normal until I recovered." Rina shrugged. "Of... more
                                • "Well, there's impaired function..."SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 29 10:38
                                  "...and then there's absolute gibberish," said the Guardsman. "There's no order that can come from totally random input-- well, that's actually debatable," he interrupted himself, "because there's... more
                                  • "Um..."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 10:47
                                    "Well, to be honest, I kinda dropped out of school in the middle of my eleventh year to become an agent," Rina said, turing red again. "Highest mathematics I took was pre-calculus. It wasn't ever my... more
                                    • "Oh, man," said the Guardsman, shaking his head.SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 29 11:47
                                      "I don't know much about Earth but you guys have an over-reliance on fossil fuels, right? Ooh, that's not going to end well. You people need scientists and engineers, not arts students! I'm sure that ... more
                                      • "Believe me, I'd love to give it a try."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 11:52
                                        "But I just never really have the time. If I'm not off on a mission, I'm catching up on sleep. And half the time when I'm on a mission, I'm trying to sleep." She paused and suddenly grinned. "Though... more
                                        • The Guardsman smiled broadly.SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 29 12:58
                                          "Welcome to the good life. Thriving off only a couple hours' worth of sleep, being able to read books in an instant, perfect recall, and incredible longevity. You'd be overqualified for any job back... more
                                          • Rina stared hungrily at the diagram of the escafil device. "How could I have forgotten about that?" she murmured to herself. "I... I could turn back..." She felt her hearts leap, and she grabbed the... more
                                            • *clap clap clap clap*Voyd, Sun Mar 29 13:37
                                              "Maybe when you're running low on regenerations. I'm sure you've bled on something before; that'd be enough DNA, right?"
                                              • "Well, there's a bit of a problem..."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 13:42
                                                "See, if I did get my hands on an escafil device, which would be a feat in and of itself, I'd have to either have fresh blood or directly touch my old self. Gotta have living DNA for it to work."... more
                                                • "Well, portals can open..."SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 29 14:41
                                                  "... almost anywhere in time and space," said the Guardsman, "so going back a few weeks ago in the PPC isn't totally out of the question. Besides, time works weirdly here. You're covered on that end. ... more
                                                  • "Well, there's Ilraen."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 15:00
                                                    "Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill, Implausible Crossovers. I met him when I first came here and looked up his reports afterwards. Oh, this is just perfect!" Rina was about ready to start cheering when a... more
                                                    • ((Replying to both.))SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 29 15:30
                                                      The Guardsman facepalmed. "Ugh, of course. You know when I said Time Lords had 'total recall'? Well, I'm an embarrassment to the entire race now. Hooray. Anyways... yeah! It seems like you got... more
                                                      • "Oh, you just had to say that!"Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 15:37
                                                        Rina smacked the Guardsman lightly on the arm, but her brow was furrowed. "Can you see others' timelines? Is it possible to pull this off? There's no 'fixed point in time' crap going on?" ((When in... more
                                                        • "It's tricky but doable."SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 29 16:05
                                                          "Doubly so because this is the PPC. It's really, really vague because you're seeing all of these potential timelines at the same time but you can get a gut feeling for someone else's future. For... more
                                                          • Rina squinted at the person...Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 16:13
                                                            then looked back at the Guardsman, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm doió" She glanced back and suddenly felt it. Her mouth fell open. "Oh my god, that is weird ."
                                                            • "Neat, eh?"SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 29 16:46
                                                              "He doesn't look like it but somehow this guy is at the centre of a fixed point in time. If you plan on sticking around the PPC for... thirty-odd more years then I highly suggest you talk to him. If... more
                                                              • "Maybe I will later."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 16:50
                                                                "I mean, I've got quite a lot to catch up on. Canons to reread. I don't know why, but not all my memories copied over properly." She scowled down at the table. "I can't remember the last time I... more
                                                  • "Hm..."Voyd, Sun Mar 29 14:49
                                                    "Isn't Rayner's partner a shapeshifter?"
                                                    • "Who?"SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 29 14:53
                                                      "And more importantly, did they acquire their shapeshifting abilities though the Andalite device? If not, they can't use the cube to give others the ability to morph."
                                                      • Valon blinked a few times.Voyd, Sun Mar 29 14:55
                                                        "Andalite? I think there actually is one of those here. Isn't he partnered with that cranky DIC agent?"
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