Valon perked up at the mention of fire.
Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:13

"So... you cast Fire Sneeze? So every round, your standard action is spent spitting out a cone that deals fire damage?" He grinned widely; he seemed to do that a lot. "Why yes, I play Pathfinder. At least I would, if I could find more players. Kala's not interested, she'd rather read Monster Musume and drool over Kimihito."

  • "No, I think I've got it under control."Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 10:07
    "But wow, the energy's still hanging around? That's... really weird, I regenerated yesterday, I thought the energy only lasted a few hours-- wait, set stuff on fire? "
    • Valon perked up at the mention of fire. — Voyd, Fri Mar 27 10:13
      • "A concentrated blast is very, very hot." He pointed at Rina's chest with his screwdriver. "You've still got energy pooling in your lungs and your voice box. Don't be surprised if your voice suddenly ... more
        • "Uh, sure! Probably!"Scapegrace, Fri Mar 27 11:34
          "I mean, half the time I don't know how I'm doing what I'm doing, and the other half I don't know what I'm doing period , but I bet we could figure something out! What do you think, Professor... more
        • It was not dissimilar to the contagious yawn. But there was no way she was going to let the Ironic Overpower take advantage of the situation. "Yeah, I found out about the voice changing thing earlier ... more
          • The Guardsman looked at...SeaTurtle, Fri Mar 27 16:42
            ...Agent Wobbes as she made a balloon replica of Arcadia. "Hah, that's actually pretty good! Look: she's got the sky train network right. I can even see my old district on that thing! And that open... more
            • "I'm really sorry."Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 16:55
              Rina didn't know what else to say. "Don't worry, though. The Doctor will find Gallifrey, the writers wouldn't let anything else happen." She gave the Guardsman a small smile. "Well, I haven't been... more
              • "Yeah, about that."SeaTurtle, Fri Mar 27 17:20
                "It's mostly about the transfer of unwanted memories or even causing some sort of mental feedback loop or something. Let's say I wanted to show you memories of my first TARDIS flight: if I just... more
                • "I thought about it for a bit."Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 17:24
                  "Considered 'the Aviator', but decided there wasn't a point. I mean, it's not like I'm a renegade or anything, am I?" Rina laughed somewhat nervously. "And yeah, holy cow, that was quite the... more
                  • "Relax, you're only... uh..."SeaTurtle, Fri Mar 27 18:07
                    The Guardsman squinted at her. "Maaaaaybe under twenty? Yeah, no. That's not enough time for the really embarrassing stuff to build up. If you've lived over a millennium only then can you actually... more
                    • "Just turned eighteen a few days ago."Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 18:15
                      "And I don't know, really. That Lola girl kept showing up quite a bit, but I don't know what the deal is with her." Rina shrugged helplessly. "I was kind of not thinking straight at the time." Her... more
                      • "Oh, the little cute one! I can help!"Scapegrace, Fri Mar 27 18:29
                        "Yeah, she was the Notary's girlfriend back when the Notary was, like, fun and stuff - but don't tell her I told you! She doesn't like being reminded of the times when she wasn't horrible, and I only ... more
                        • "Did I just hear that right?" she said, stunned.
                          • The Reader walked over, trailing balloons.DawnFire, Fri Mar 27 19:06
                            "Hi again," she said to the Guardsman. She sounded tired, but turned a credible imitation of a smile on Rina. "And hello. You wouldn't happen to be the new Time Lord I've been hearing about, would... more
                            • "Wait a minute. Is that the Eye of Harmony?"SeaTurtle, Fri Mar 27 19:27
                              The Guardsman leaned towards the Reader to take a better look. "Yeah, that totally is. Sweet. Look, she even added a solar flare trying to escape the singularity. And balloon-Arcadia, of course.... more
                              • ((Suggestion!))Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 22:40
                                ((SeaTurtle, since Dawn Fire seems to take a while to respond (no offense intended, DF, promise!), want to continue Rina and the Guardsman's conversation in the below thread? We can pretend it takes... more
                                • ((The chain with 'Hey I go on tangents'? Sure.))SeaTurtle, Sat Mar 28 11:11
                                  ((This is turning out to be a real Time Lord-fest: skipping though threads, splitting them apart, rallying at arbitrary points, the works. *Looks at thread* Derp. I completely forgot that the... more
                            • Rina was instantly on her guard.Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 19:19
                              The new lady smelled like a Time Lord. "Yes, she said hesitantly. "But I didn't destroy Gryffindor tower, before you ask."
        • At the mention of the Notary...Voyd, Fri Mar 27 10:35
          ...Valon's grin instantaneously changed to a frown. "I try not to hate anyone, but with that woman, I'm willing to make an exception. Just like Kala said: Doesn't she realize how dangerous it is to... more
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