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Kozar gave them both a nod.
Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:33

"Kozar. I work in the DIC." He eyed their drinks, neither of which seemed overly offensive--unlike his own. This was the last time he let a non-Klingon bartender recommend him anything. "Which department are you from? I don't remember seeing you before."

((I think the picture thing is possible--hS may have managed it. He might have had them in from a weblink, Look up an html coding thing? That would have it.))

((Also, Iximaz--Rina's a new Time Lord. The Reader has the Council position of Onyx Monitor, and thus has the responsibilities of "watching over Time Lords in fanfic, determining if any should be recruited, and keeping an eye on new PPC Time Lords," according to the wiki page summary. So...))

((Yeah. They should be friends! :D))

((To be honest, I was going to mention that maybe they should meet, but now...well, now I know why the Notary left a whole bunch of paperwork for the Reader. It'd be something along the lines of 'there's a new Time Lord in the PPC, fill out all of this stuff about her and about what you're doing in your job that you should be doing now, renegade'.))

((But yeah. Care to arrange a meeting? :) ))


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