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"The worst department in the multiverse, you say?"
Fri Mar 27, 2015 15:05

Dom, who had overheard the end of the conversation from his table, looked at the Bad Slasher pair and said:

"At least, you get to fix the badfics you go through. In my department, we can't directly do anything about them. Us spies have to watch logic and canon getting completely obliterated, Sues taking over the narrative, our favourite characters warped beyond all recognition... You can almost hear the canon screaming at you to help it."

The spy took a sip of Bleepolate milk. "And we just sit here taking notes. And then, we pass them on to those who will have the satisfaction to... Kill, exorcise, untangle, you name it. We all get the same horrible memories of the fic, but at least, you get the good ones: saving a continuum from yet another threat, in an often very satisfying manner."

Another sip, and a sigh. "Of course, we have to do it. Without us, your job would be much more difficult, and Intelligence is very important for the PPC. It's just that... Well, it can get incredibly frustrating, sometimes."

He finally finished the drink, and said in a more calm and slightly embarrassed tone: "Uh... Sorry. I... I had a pretty bad work day. I'll stop complaining now."

((Sorry for inserting myself into your RP despite not having Permission, but that was a pretty big opportunity for what I had planned to do. Your characters can ignore me, I guess there could be too much noise for them to notice anyway.))

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