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Mister Shoebox
The two Fallout agents turned to look at the new arrival...
Fri Mar 27, 2015 16:43

"#@!* off." Gurgan muttered curtly as he drank the scotch that the long-suffering barman had brought over to him. Interestingly enough, he didn't actually UTTER the "F" word -it was quite interesting, actually, the way he cursed. Almost like an audible *Beep*!

Derwin shook his head in displeasure at his friend's rudeness. "Hey, boss! That's no way to treat a prospective ally!"

He got up and shook Asher's hand. It was like being touching old, rotten shoe leather. "Hi!" he rasped. "I'm Derwin, and this here's Gurgan. Former Dept. of Finances, now Dept. of Mary Sues."

Derwin gave a warm smile, revealing that his teeth were a set of serrated, poiny, razor-sharp steel dentures. "Don't worry, he's like that to everyone before he gets to know them."

Gurgan sighed. "Fine. Either sit down or $*#@ off." he muttered again as he drank his scotch.

The old ghoul jerked his head at one of the chair adjacent to the table, then grunted. "I don't mean to bust balls, smoothskin." He finally looked at Asher. "I haven't had a smoke in over ten minutes, is all. It's getting to me."

  • "What is this place?"Silenthunder, Thu Mar 26 20:18
    …one of the two agents, a human female, asked nervously as they entered the building. "Rudi's. A popular hangout for agents of all sorts of craziness, species, and departments. Or so the slogan... more
    • The two Fallout agents turned to look at the new arrival... — Mister Shoebox, Fri Mar 27 16:43
      • Asher took a moment to get over his shock...Silenthunder, Sat Mar 28 11:03
        before he sat down. "I see." (What species are your agents? I mean, what fantoms are they from?)
        • (They're ghouls, from the Fallout universe.) (nm)Mister Shoebox, Sat Mar 28 11:37
          • "So… How's it going?" Asher asked...Silenthunder, Sat Mar 28 12:44
            …as he looked the two - what were they? Oh yes - ghouls over. He'd never seen one of them before, but he'd heard about them. "Are you here to party about the latest legendary?" (thanks.)
            • Gurgan shook his headMister Shoebox, Sat Mar 28 17:12
              "Wasn't even aware a "Big One' had been taken down 'till derwin told me about it. I was just here 'cause I needed to get #*#($-faced." he rasped. Derwin, for his part, nodded. "Yuh-huh! I wish they'd ... more
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