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"It was... interesting."
Fri Mar 27, 2015 19:06

"The only non-replaced characters we got to meet were Grover and Clarisse, sorry. It involved some OC son of Chaos who was a... what was the word, porn star? He took off almost all of his clothes to show off his target-print undergarments and my partner shot him in the rear. And then the entire camp tried to kill us, so we had to run for it."

Zeb glanced back at Rina's table, which seemed to be extremely crowded, then back at his current table mates. "We ended up blowing up the camp with greek fire," he concluded.

  • "Really? So have I!" said Cupid.SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 27 12:36
    "We've only been on two missions," he added. "The Super Smash Bros/Criminal Minds one we mentioned earlier and one into the Godzilla fandom..." "We are never speaking of that ever again," Lapis... more
    • "It was... interesting." — Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 19:06
      • A female Pikachu with a pink ribbon bow...Edhelistar, Sat Mar 28 11:30
        ... with a Light Ball embroidered in it, arrives and waves at Zeb, "Piikaa! Kachu chu pika-pi pi-kaaa-chu! Chuuu chu, pikachu ka pika-pi pikachu piikaa pika-pika pipi ka!" [Translation: Hello!... more
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