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Alex entered the bar then, ice crystals in his hair.
Fri Mar 27, 2015 20:36

He noticed his sister's table was swarmed and decided to just wave to her instead of going over and saying hi, then looked around for somewhere to sit.

Ah, that table over there looked promising. He headed over, casually flipping his new laser spanner between his fingers and trying to not look too pleased with it.

"Anyone sitting here?" he asked.

  • Because Why Not?sjosten, Thu Mar 26 20:49
    "You know Shawn, most Agents go on a mission before getting drunk, not the other way around," Jack said as he pushed his way up to his partner at the bar. "Wondered when you'd show up. Get tired of... more
    • Alex entered the bar then, ice crystals in his hair. — Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 20:36
      • "Make Yourself At Home."sjosten, Fri Mar 27 22:57
        "For a second there, I was afraid I was scaring people off," Jack said, chuckling to himself. He eyed the younger Agent over, trying to figure out if they had met before. "I don't believe we've been... more
        • "Any last name?"Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 23:04
          Alex asked, returning the handshake. "I'm Alex Dives. I'm an intern with the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology." He realized he had ice crystals in his hair and brushed them out. "Sorry, ... more
          • "Ice Gun? Fancy."sjosten, Fri Mar 27 23:21
            "Always good to see new blood around here. Why dismantle the gun though? Seems like it would be useful for getting rid of some of DoGA's less," Jack paused, searching for the right word, "restrained... more
            • "Well, Sue tech is a bit wonky at times."Iximaz, Sat Mar 28 08:24
              Alex shrugged. "We gotta dismantle most of it to make sure it's got some sort of logic holding it together, otherwise it could fall apart at a very bad time. Not to mention we have to know how to... more
              • Jack said, shaking his head, "At least we'll be able to put it to good use afterwards." "Are you talking about me?" a mohawk sporting, leather wrapped punk said, walking over to the table and causing ... more
                • "Oh, it's nothing really special."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 07:08
                  "My sister's in the DMS; she... introduced me to the PPC," Alex said, suddenly feeling very self-conscious and deciding maybe just a half-truth would be for the best. "Anyway, I've got an internship... more
                  • "Non-Alcoholic?"sjosten, Sun Mar 29 15:58
                    Shawn blinked for a few seconds silently, a completely dumbfounded look on his face, "Nah, I'm just messing with you. Got a Shirley Temple just in case," Shawn handed Alex the pink-ish drink. "Your... more
                    • "As far as I know, she's not."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 16:21
                      "At least, she hasn't been sent to FicPsych as far as I know." He paused. "Yet." He accepted the offered drink and took a sip. "Huh, not bad. Anyway, I don't know if introductions would go over so... more
                      • "Sibling Quarrels? That's Never Fun."sjosten, Sun Mar 29 18:14
                        Jack said, shaking his head, "My brothers and I used to bicker constantly, but the actual fights were never pretty." "Eh, don't worry. These things always blow over after a few days. Course, I don't... more
                        • "Oh, nah, nothing like that."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 19:25
                          "She's just, ah, had a bit of a rough time lately, and I don't think she wants to deal with meeting new people." He risked a glance at Rina's table. "Ah, who'm I kidding? She's surrounded by people.... more
                          • Jack said, raising his glass in the general direction of Rina's table. "Yeah, we should probably work our way over there eventually. Or I could just stay here and drink," Shawn said, shrugging. "Who... more
                            • "Yep, that'd be my sister."Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 22:11
                              "And before you ask, no, I'm not a Time Lord," Alex sighed. "You know what happened to whatsisname, Tawaki Penguin? Same thing. I'm a bit surprised you haven't heard, it was all over the front page... more
                              • Jack sat shocked, mouth open comically wide. "So your sister's the triumphant warrior huh? Congrats man," Shawn said, patting Alex on the shoulder. "I just... it was right about something? I mean, I... more
                                • Alex turned red.Iximaz, Mon Mar 30 05:58
                                  "Um, well, I'm fine. I mean, Rina's alive, right?" He looked around and pointed at Zeb. "That's her partner over there, by the way."
                                  • "Her Partner's a Cat?"sjosten, Mon Mar 30 20:49
                                    Shawn asked, looking warily at his drink for a moment. "There's a lot of unusual Agents running about. If the ponies can send in Agents, why not cats, right?" Jack offered. "This place is going to... more
                                    • "Actually, he's a Pokémon."Iximaz, Mon Mar 30 21:19
                                      "You know, "Gotta catch 'em all!"?" Alex prompted. "Eh, doesn't matter. Besides, I've heard of stranger agents. Like that one, ehm, wat was it called...? Oh yeah, the Radioactive Moss Creature!"
                                      • "I Remember the RMC."sjosten, Mon Mar 30 21:59
                                        "Had to file a couple of his mission reports back when I was in infrastructure," Jack said, gazing into the distance in the most overly dramatic way possible. "Pokemon and moss? And here I thought we ... more
                                        • "Well, 'weird' here is kinda subjective."Iximaz, Tue Mar 31 11:26
                                          "But I digress." Alex finished off his drink and reached for another that looked to be the same. "So, how long have you guys been here?"
                                          • "Not Long."sjosten, Tue Mar 31 11:56
                                            "Got pulled out of a fic just a few days ago. They rushed me through some training and put me with Jack here," Shawn said. "And I have no idea how long I've been here. Stupid headquarters time, I'll... more
                                            • "Huh."Iximaz, Tue Mar 31 12:50
                                              "I've known about the PPC for about a year now, but I only joined on as an intern last month." Alex took a sip of the drink and spat it back out. "Oh, that was not a virgin. What're things like in... more
                                              • "Wait, Why Don't We Have Lightsabers?"sjosten, Wed Apr 1 12:55
                                                "I mean, it would be so much cooler than just shooting them," Shawn said. "Because we would have to get training, and I don't think either of us has the patience for that." Jack said, "But yes, it... more
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