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Asher took a moment to get over his shock...
Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:03

before he sat down. "I see."

(What species are your agents? I mean, what fantoms are they from?)

  • "#@!* off." Gurgan muttered curtly as he drank the scotch that the long-suffering barman had brought over to him. Interestingly enough, he didn't actually UTTER the "F" word -it was quite... more
    • Asher took a moment to get over his shock... — Silenthunder, Sat Mar 28 11:03
      • (They're ghouls, from the Fallout universe.) (nm)Mister Shoebox, Sat Mar 28 11:37
        • "So… How's it going?" Asher asked...Silenthunder, Sat Mar 28 12:44
          …as he looked the two - what were they? Oh yes - ghouls over. He'd never seen one of them before, but he'd heard about them. "Are you here to party about the latest legendary?" (thanks.)
          • Gurgan shook his headMister Shoebox, Sat Mar 28 17:12
            "Wasn't even aware a "Big One' had been taken down 'till derwin told me about it. I was just here 'cause I needed to get #*#($-faced." he rasped. Derwin, for his part, nodded. "Yuh-huh! I wish they'd ... more
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