((The chain with 'Hey I go on tangents'? Sure.))
Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:11

((This is turning out to be a real Time Lord-fest: skipping though threads, splitting them apart, rallying at arbitrary points, the works.

*Looks at thread*

Derp. I completely forgot that the Guardsman had already asked about Rina's age. Let's ignore that and carry on, shall we?))

  • ((Suggestion!))Iximaz, Fri Mar 27 22:40
    ((SeaTurtle, since Dawn Fire seems to take a while to respond (no offense intended, DF, promise!), want to continue Rina and the Guardsman's conversation in the below thread? We can pretend it takes... more
    • ((The chain with 'Hey I go on tangents'? Sure.)) — SeaTurtle, Sat Mar 28 11:11
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