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Rina nearly snorted all over the table
Sun Mar 29, 2015 22:06

"Not quite. The show, Doctor Who, is about a renegade Time Lord who travels in a TARDISó Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, basically a time-traveling spaceshipó that takes the shape of a blue police box. I really suggest you guys check it out." Rina readjusted her goggles. "Anyway, Time Lords can do this thing where when they'd normally die, they regenerate into a new body. Twelve regens, thirteen bodies. I'm... still getting used to it, to be honest."

  • Alloy fiddled with her glasses. "What is that?"TheShyIon, Sun Mar 29 21:47
    Ginger shrugged. "It's like these time traveler people who run around in blue cubes or something." Alloy considered this. "Your explanation sounds a bit far-fetched, Ginger."
    • Rina nearly snorted all over the table — Iximaz, Sun Mar 29 22:06
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