"Want a slice of my pizza?"
Tue Mar 31, 2015 23:00

Valon offered a slice to Rina. Exactly where the rest of it had disappeared to couldn't easily be explained. "It's got everything! Bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, pineapple, I think there's some olive in there... I kinda regret asking for everything now, I hate olives." Obviously, this much was true: all that remained of Valon's pizza, aside from the slice he was offering Rina, was a big mound of olives on his plate.

  • "Yeah, that's the problem with regeneration."SeaTurtle, Tue Mar 31 22:55
    The Guardsman laughed. He made his way back to his seat and lifted his monster piece of pizza to his mouth. "Though I have a saying: when in doubt, turn to bacon." He wolfed down his pizza in ten... more
    • "Want a slice of my pizza?" — Voyd, Tue Mar 31 23:00
      • and eyed the giant plate of olives. "Those look really good," she said. "May I?" To the Guardsman, she said, "Never used to eat bacon before I came to the PPC. Vegetarian, but I found out pretty... more
        • "Knock yourself out."Voyd, Wed Apr 1 09:59
          Valon pushed the plate of olives in Rina's direction.
          • ((Guess I'll go ahead and continue.))Iximaz, Thu Apr 2 07:21
            Rina pulled the olives to herself and began picking at them with long fingers. "Awesome, thanks!" She swallowed and sighed happily. "Oh, that is good stuff." To Valon, she said, "So, talk to me. What ... more
            • "TB stands for Terabyte!"SeaTurtle, Thu Apr 2 19:53
              "AKA, my partner who-is-a-computer-program. It's a geth from the Mass Effect continuum: a collection of intelligent processes that form one cohesive entity. It's also been beefed up with some DoSAT... more
              • "Okay, that looks pretty cool."Iximaz, Thu Apr 2 20:09
                Rina examined the picture for another moment before catching on to what the Guardsman said. "Other partner? Desdendelle mentioned a quarian or some such. Is that him? Or her? Or it, I suppose I... more
                • "Naya is the quarian."SeaTurtle, Thu Apr 2 22:24
                  "And she'd very much object to being called an 'it'!" said the Guardsman, laughing. "Only TB goes by 'it'. Quote-- 'I am an artificial life form. Biological sex or gender has absolutely no meaning... more
                  • Rina held up her hands in apology.Iximaz, Thu Apr 2 22:41
                    "Sorry, I'm totally unfamiliar with Mass Effect ," she said. "I really ought to look into it, though, I've heard it's good." She finished off the olives and watched sadly as the garlic bread... more
                    • The Guardsman's brow furrowed.SeaTurtle, Sat Apr 4 13:48
                      "Hmm.. that title tells me something. It's the one with the tripod mechs with heat beams that are eventually defeated by bacteria, right? That's an advertisement for bacteriological warfare if I've... more
                      • "Ooh, I do like lasers."Iximaz, Sat Apr 4 18:21
                        Rina grinned. "Especially sharks with frickin' laser beams and automated laser monkeys. Those are fun. Shame I tend to get missions in fantasy continuua; I've never worked with anything more... more
                        • "Pfft. Bows."SeaTurtle, Sat Apr 4 22:38
                          "You get absolutely no armour penetration with a primitive thing like that," said the Guardsman, "unless you're using a super-heavy pull. Go for a crossbow instead: a quarrel can easily punch though... more
                          • "Well, Sues tend to not wear armor."Iximaz, Sun Apr 5 07:48
                            "And even if they did, my longbow's got a ninety pound draw to it. There's not much it can't pierce." Rina did look thoughtful, though. "I do know how to shoot guns thanks to my dad, and I was... more
                            • The Guardsman cracked his knuckles.SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 5 13:07
                              He was waiting for someone to ask him this question. He pulled his trusty notebook from his pocket again and opened it to a dog-eared page labelled "D.E.W". He carefully turned a few pages and... more
                              • "Staser pistol, mark two," Rina repeated.Iximaz, Sun Apr 5 17:07
                                "Gotcha." She looked longingly at the picture of the staser rifle, mark seven, making a mental note to keep an eye out for one anyway. That sounded pretty sweet. It would certainly be nice to have... more
                                • "Ugh. Long day."SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 5 18:41
                                  The Guardsman picked at a chicken wing. "Naya, Terabyte, and I were called on four times today. The first three were pushovers but the fourth one was a real piece of work. She was this ninja-Suvian... more
                                  • "Wow, and here I thought field agents had it rough," she said, shaking her head. "There go any future plans of joining the DIA after the DMS gets too rough. At least in the fics, you can anticipate... more
                                    • "Seriously. Laser spanners are rare but useful-- and that ice gun sounds totally sweet. And what are the odds, eh? Two near-identical Suvians, two near-identical plots... All of this happening right... more
                                      • "I did manage to nab one of the laser spanners and the ice gun, but I gave them to my brother. He's in the DoSAT and loves that kind of stuff, and I was kind of hoping it would make breaking the news ... more
            • "Because the list is bloody long." Valon took a deep breath and started down the long list he'd mentally prepared. ((Go ahead and check out my user page on the Wiki for a full list.)) "... and I just ... more
              • "I've never seen either of those, sorry."Iximaz, Thu Apr 2 20:13
                "But hey, at least it means I can't spoil you on accident! I mean, last time I talked to my parents, I accidentally spoiled the ending to Farscape for them. I totally forgot time flows differently... more
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