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((It looks like we ran out of steam...))
Sat Apr 18, 2015 21:06

((I don't feel like there's much to go on. Unless Scapegrace adds onto Emiran's morning post I don't see where this can go.))

  • Where does everyone want to pick up? (nm)Iximaz, Sat Apr 18 18:32
    • ((It looks like we ran out of steam...)) — SeaTurtle, Sat Apr 18 21:06
      • ((Yeaaah, just about. Oops. XD )) (nm)Iximaz, Sat Apr 18 21:09
        • ((I don't mean to be pushy or anything...))SeaTurtle, Sat Apr 18 21:13
          ((...but are you on Showdown at the moment? I wanna try out a team I've put together on someone :P))
          • ((Sorry, I can't.))Iximaz, Sat Apr 18 21:38
            ((I'm not allowed on the computer after dinner (I'm having to type this on my DS, which is a mighty pain in the rear, lemme tell you), but I'll be on all day tomorrow. Look for me in Writing.))
            • ((Aye aye.))SeaTurtle, Sat Apr 18 21:42
              ((Now watch as my squad gets completely dismantled by your team. I don't have much confidence in my chances of winning :P))
              • ((You'd be surprised.))Iximaz, Sat Apr 18 21:55
                ((With a bit of preparation and luck, I'm sure you could pull it off. Desdendelle actually managed to completely sweep my team earlier today because he knew how to counter me.))
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