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"Dragon? Nice."
Sun Apr 19, 2015 19:35

"Was it an easy takedown or did it get messy? And--" Meryem froze. "And you don't really want to turn around right now because the lady behind you pulled a blaster on you. Looks like your partner is doing a good job distracting her, though... Buck, can you creep around and get ready to bite that thing out of her hand if this gets rough?"

"Sure can," said the Skiddo as he slowly moved into position.

  • "MAYBE... THIS CAn... that is perfect." Chakkik addressed Meryem. "i have found little difficulty thus far. i flatter myself that i am rather intelligent, and my partner is far, far stronger than you ... more
    • "Dragon? Nice." — SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 19 19:35
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