"Not too shabby."
Sun Apr 19, 2015 21:26

"Corridors get a bit hectic every now and then but eh, we manage," said Owen as he kneeled beside Zeb. "Congratulations again on that spectacular Legendary kill, Rookie. I knew you had it in you! You're gonna make a fine Assassin, I can feel it. Speaking of which, there's something the gang and I wanted to give you. We figured that you'd have seen some pretty nasty things so..."

Owen reached down and rummaged in one of the pouches on his tactical vest. He very carefully withdrew a beautiful blue feather and presented to it with both paws to Zeb. "You have no idea how much pain all four of us we went through to pluck this off her body. Even Ben and Meryem don't know about this, so keep it hush-hush. This is a feather from Cresselia, the Lunar Pokémon herself. Hold it when you go to sleep; no nightmares, guaranteed."

  • Zeb looke up in surprise.Iximaz, Sun Apr 19 19:56
    "Owen! Hello!" He scooted over to give the Lucario a place to sit if he so desired. "Life's been, ah... Well, it's been interesting, as of late. But how about you?"
    • "Not too shabby." — SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 19 21:26
      • No more nightmares? For real? He'd never have to revisit Iron Island in his sleep, never have to relive watching his old teammates die, never see Rina bleeding out on the floor again... He paused,... more
        • "She having bad dreams too?" he whispered. "By all means: go ahead, Rookie. Arceus' mane, you're a real bleeding heart aren't you? You're really too good of a guy to be working here. Ah, Buck.... more
          • Zeb said, totally oblivious to the double meaning. "Rina and I have bunk beds, see, which are narrow enough to begin with, and we probably wouldn't fit on one together very well." He twirled the... more
            • "Ignore Owen, Zeb."SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 19 22:25
              "He's just trying to be edgy," said Buck, smiling. "As much as he would like it, he's not the super-independent tough guy he thinks he is. He just wants attention from--" "Shut your face, Skiddo,"... more
              • "Can you not talk?" Zeb asked.Iximaz, Sun Apr 19 22:33
                "Sorry, rude question. Um, I said something about agents needing to look out for each other and they got into an argument about affection? And then they started teasing each other. I think. That... more
                • The Zorua jotted down another note.SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 19 22:45
                  "Born mute. Nothing Medical can do about it. Thanks for answering my question." He flipped a page. "My name is Tacitus. How do you do?" Tacitus paused as he watched Owen get thrown into the air by... more
                  • "I'm doing well, thank you."Iximaz, Sun Apr 19 22:50
                    Zeb watched with Tacitus as the two fighting Pokémon seemed to give it up. "You know, I'm probably not the best person to ask since I've, you know, only just met you. I suppose you must find... more
                    • Tacitus tilted his head from side to side.SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 19 22:56
                      "They found me wandering HQ and helped me get a job here. I owe them a favour. They seem to fight a lot. It is strange. They have a Trainer, I do not. Maybe that is why they are so odd."
                      • "I used to have a trainer, myself."Iximaz, Sun Apr 19 22:59
                        Zeb said defensively. "Trainer-raised Pokémon are no stranger than wild Pokémon."
                        • Tacitus shook his head.SeaTurtle, Mon Apr 20 15:25
                          "You obey orders. A Trainer commands you to act a certain way and you do not question them. You are not free." He looked up when the Notary approached and his fur stood on end. "Run." he scribbled on ... more
                          • "He was."Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 15:43
                            Zeb noticed the Notary and how still his partner had gone. If he'd been in his normal form, electricity would have been crackling in his mane. "I'm sorry, please excuse me for a moment..." When he... more
                            • "Whadda expect?" said Owen.SeaTurtle , Mon Apr 20 21:17
                              "She got known in DIA for trying to report that Time Lord in Special Response for harassment and whatnot. He later sent some sort of video footage direct from his brain as evidence against the... more
                              • Zeb stared at the Lucario, who seemed content to laugh at his partners' terror. "It's a good thing they're just regular bugs and not Bug types! They could have been severely hurt otherwise. Or they... more
                                • Owen grinned. SeaTurtle, Mon Apr 20 22:11
                                  "That's why they've got me," he said, spreading his arms wide. "I take the hits, they mop up the rest. It's a team effort, yeah? ...even if Buck is a massive narcoleptic unevolved fraidy-cat and... more
                                  • Zeb's hands clenched into fists.Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 06:02
                                    "Their fear is nothing to laugh at, either," he said through his teeth. "How would you feel if you didn't take something that worried them seriously and they died as a result? What would you do... more
                                    • "By Arceus. Control yourself, Rookie."SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 10:54
                                      Owen offered Zeb a handkerchief from one of his vest's pockets. "It's not okay for a grown-ass adult to have a breakdown in public like this. Keep it together." He cleared his throat. "Besides,... more
                                      • "You know something?"Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 11:11
                                        Zeb gave Owen a twisted smile, ignoring the offered handkerchief. "You remind me of me, before I joined the PPC. You think you're the toughest guy around, and you've got reason to believe it, too.... more
                                        • "I look forward to it!"SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 11:30
                                          Owen's grin widened to a snarl. "Then I'll be able so see what Buck and Max and Victoria can do. They've come so far under Ben's tutelage. I'm sure that they won't fail to impress him. Besides, I'm... more
                                          • Zeb stared at Owen for a long time.Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 11:32
                                            After a while, he finally said, "You're completely mad."
                                            • "Thank you. I heard that it helps around here."SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 13:02
                                              Owen barked with laughter. "After all, you have to be crazy to run after creatures which are by definition superior to you in every single aspect. Like, did you hear about Officer Pham? Three days... more
                                              • "I heard about that."Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 13:43
                                                Zeb looked somber. "My partner's brother is an intern in DoSAT. We're just relieved it wasn't him." He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "I only stay here because I have nowhere else to go, and I suppose... more
                                                • "He's looking to have some experience with patrolling, search-and-rescue, and containing dangerous situations all while working with his Pokémon team. The PPC is a great place to do that. Ben is... more
                                                  • "I... I'm not really sure."Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 14:28
                                                    Zeb sighed and sat back. "I never really thought about doing anything else, really. I mean, the POC gave me a second chance; I figured I must've been blown through that plothole for a reason. I... more
                                                    • Owen shook his head.SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 21:11
                                                      "Bleeding heart. You're such a bleeding heart. You fell though that plothole because of a freak accident, not because of fate or a 'reason' or even being given a second chance. You just lucked out,... more
                                                      • Zeb opened his mouth—Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 21:19
                                                        —likely to tell Owen something he'd regret— when the Fletchinder appeared. "Oh, hello again, Tacitus," Zeb said, turning away from Owen. "I can't blame you for not wanting to meet the Notary. I've... more
                                                        • The disguised Zorua nodded.SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 22:15
                                                          "A horrible woman by all accounts. There is an information broker in DoI who is attempting to put together a file on her. She has had little success so far-- almost no information of the Notary... more
                                                          • "Kind of?"Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 22:25
                                                            Zeb shrugged. "I mean, she's rude and stuck-up enough as it is, but I'm mostly mad ather for what she did to my partner. Long story short, Rina was delirious and the Notary abandoned her in a... more
                                                            • Tacitus nodded.SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 22:39
                                                              "She most definitely can, but..." The Zorua's eyes narrowed. "My friend isn't without morals. She will not sell you this information if you have malicious intentions. You and your partner are the... more
                                                              • "That's not it at all!" Zeb protested.Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 22:45
                                                                "It's just that I have a question that I think Rina and I deserve the answer to." His fists clenched. "Why us? Why were we picked to go into Rose Potter when there must have been better-qualified,... more
                                                                • Tacitus' tail feathers twitched.SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 23:06
                                                                  "I understand your anger. The broker herself has said that the Rose Potter series was a job for the Special Operations Division. There is an overwhelming chance that this was simply a mistake. Even... more
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