"You won't get anything from me."
Sun Apr 19, 2015 22:21

How could this particular SIS group have caught her, she wondered. The ruse was just too simplistic. She should have been able to see right through it. "And flattery will get you nothing."

((At this point she legitimately thinks this is some Republic ruse))

  • "Mind reading does not mean Jedi."Voyd, Sun Apr 19 22:11
    Gabby nodded at her partner's words. "A lot of universes have psychics. Also, what's an Imperial?" "Typically, the word 'imperial' means 'of or pertaining to an empire,' but-" "I was asking the sexy... more
    • "You won't get anything from me." — [EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Sun Apr 19 22:21
      • Chakkik sighed.Voyd, Sun Apr 19 22:32
        "Comrades, I am afraid we cannot convince her of the truth. I am going to ignore our new friend. I suggest all of you do the same." With that, he sat down on the grass. "Unless you would care to join ... more
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