Cipher-7 was taken a bit aback by the question
Sun Apr 19, 2015 22:44

She thought that this was either the strangest interrogation she had ever taken part in, or perhaps this really was not a Republic Base. Even if it was an interrogation, she planned on turning the tables and getting valuable information regardless. At the moment there was no harm in playing along.

"Occasionally." She said, sighing. This had to be handled extremely carefully. "It can be one of the perks of the job. Though sometimes, you get the less than attractive partners." Even non-humans, she thought to herself. But she would do whatever it took to accomplish a mission.

  • "Yay! So, have you ever slept with anyone really sexy?" Genuine curiosity and excitement ws rather obvious. "I want to rub it in Chak's face if you have, because spies totally get the lookers!"
    • Cipher-7 was taken a bit aback by the question — [EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Sun Apr 19 22:44
      • That satisfied Gabby.Voyd, Sun Apr 19 22:51
        She ran back to her partner. "I was right, spies do get around!" Chakkik seemed more annoyed than anything else. "I do not know how mammals reproduce, nor do I find any of them appealing. I did not... more
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