Mon Apr 20, 2015 05:41

"If you don't mind, I can share some of my memories with you. You know, show you what this place is like, what we do. It would be a one-way connection if you don't want me headbutting you, but it might take a while." Rina shrugged.

  • Cipher-7 Returned to the rest of the group[EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Sun Apr 19 23:14
    "Lets say for a second I do believe you. And you do realize how absurd this all sounds right?" She asked rhetorically. "What happens next?"
    • "Well..." — Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 05:41
      • "I do mind."[EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Mon Apr 20 14:24
        She said. "I do not like people going into my mind. I will figure this out on my own."
        • "Suit yourself."Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 15:44
          And with that, Rina turned away to continue talking to Zeb.
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