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"Notary," Rina mumbled.
Mon Apr 20, 2015 07:44

She tried to hold the Notary's stare, but after barely a second, she looked away, knuckles whitening. It was a small mercy Wobbles was there as well, but she didn't know how much the clown would be able to help.

  • ((*Quietly tidies up Wobbkes the mini-Wobbles*))Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 07:30
    The Notary dragged herself to her feet to fetch some more Generic Party Food and share out the contents of Wobbles's ghastly hamper. The thing was huge and stuffed to the gunwales with actual party... more
    • "Notary," Rina mumbled. — Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 07:44
      • "This is... difficult for me to say."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 07:51
        "I was misinformed. I assumed, wrongly, that you had been in your Time Lord form considerably longer than you had. I treated you in a manner unbecoming, and I am... I am ashamed to have done so. Any... more
        • ((Zeb's in human form right now.))Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 07:56
          "A manner unbecoming?" Zeb said angrily, brushing off Rina's pinching fingers when she tried to get him to stop talking. "You abandoned her in a stairwell! She still has nightmares about that, do you ... more
          • "I am aware of that."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 08:23
            ((Also, the Notary makes it a point of principle to know who as many people are, just so she doesn't screw up future plans by holding a grudge against the wrong overgrown ape/lizard/whatever)) ---... more
            • "Why the sudden change of heart?"Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 08:39
              Rina didn't know what the Notary was up to, but she was getting nervous. Well, more nervous. "You didn't seem all that fussed before."
              • "Change of hearts?"Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 08:47
                "I was introduced to the error of my ways in rather an... in-depth manner." --- "NO, YOU HEATHEN PRIMITIVE! NOT THE PROJECTED EXPERIMENTAL MATERIALS REQUISITION DATA!" --- The Notary tried to repress ... more
                • "Uh-huh."Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 09:02
                  The shudder didn't escape either agent's notice. "You can leave now," Zeb said cooly. "Rina and I were having a lovely time until you came along." ((Yerp. He's pissed.))
                  • "You and everyone else."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 10:05
                    "And yet, here I am, like a bad penny. The clown brought a hamper full of things I believe must technically be considered food. Dives, have some if you want, but you'll be able to taste every single... more
                    • "I'll pass."Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 10:11
                      Rina shot a dark look at the basket. "Knowing you, you probably poisoned it."
                      • "I... probably deserved that."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 11:28
                        The Notary turned away from the irritatingly chirpy midget and began to glide off. Before she did, though, she spoke. "Whether I would do it is completely irrelevant anyway. My partner would not."
                    • Gabby noticed the Notary...Voyd, Mon Apr 20 10:10
                      And bounced up to her, almost as cheerful as Wobbles. "Hi there! I'm Gabby the hobgoblin. Have I mentioned you look really, really great in those robes?" ((Yeah... figure I may as well mention this... more
                      • "You have not."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 11:26
                        "Presumably on the basis that you are not a liar. Find Agent Luxury, if you're sufficiently desperate. I believe the two of you will get along just famously." --- ((Quick tip from someone who's also... more
                        • "Who's Luxury?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 11:32
                          "This is actually the first time Chak and I have been out of the RC since we started working here. Anyway, I didn't catch your name. You probably caught mine, though! I'm in the DMS. Just got back... more
                          • "My sincerest possible congratulations."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 11:49
                            The Notary's voice was about as sincere as a vow of fidelity from Casanova. "If you want to find Luxury, just listen for the creak of bedsprings. I suggest you seek her out. Via leaving. Presently."
                            • ((By the way...))Voyd, Mon Apr 20 11:57
                              ((If I were ever to do a cowrite with you, it seems that Gabby and Chakkik would get along with the Notary and Wobbles much, much better than Valon and Kala would. Gabby just completely ignores... more
                            • "Pardon me."Voyd, Mon Apr 20 11:53
                              If the Notary were to turn, she'd see shimmering, and Chakkik returning to his standard form. *my partner may not have heard of luxury, but i have. i would rather the two never meet. my partner may... more
                              • "Clearly you were made for each other."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:05
                                The Notary turned a sneer on Chakkik. "Though one does rather wonder what precisely you're doing here. Is hanging around your partner just a way you like to spend the time, or is there a more sordid... more
                                • ((I tend to just say what's on my mind. Forget I said anything, because my ideas tend to be bad. Derp a durr, I am Voyd and I say contradictory things.)) *you are mistaken, human. i have no interest... more
                                  • "Hm? Wha?"Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:30
                                    "Huh? Wait, where am I... oh! Hey, mister buggly-person! Uh, can you teleport people? Because I was over there experimenting on mini-sandwiches and, uh... uh-oh... oh dear. I think BP&J just got... more
                                    • "Chkk chk... !?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 12:39
                                      Chakkik suddenly found himself without a voice. He frantically tried to work with his translation collar, but obviously it wasn't helping. "Kr-r-r-r-r! Crrrkkchk!" He started rapidly clawing at the... more
                                      • "Acute arcane technometaplasia,"Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:43
                                        The Notary called over her shoulder, slightly smug. "Look it up."
                                        • "Uh... Chak?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 12:46
                                          The panicking Mantis Ant stopped chattering for a moment when his partner spoke. Gabby was holding an extra translation collar. "I just figured, if we were on a Mana mission or something, and your... more
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