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"You and everyone else."
Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:05

"And yet, here I am, like a bad penny. The clown brought a hamper full of things I believe must technically be considered food. Dives, have some if you want, but you'll be able to taste every single artificial ingredient so I wouldn't recommend it. Zap beast... fill your boots."

  • "Uh-huh."Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 09:02
    The shudder didn't escape either agent's notice. "You can leave now," Zeb said cooly. "Rina and I were having a lovely time until you came along." ((Yerp. He's pissed.))
    • "You and everyone else." — Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 10:05
      • "I'll pass."Iximaz, Mon Apr 20 10:11
        Rina shot a dark look at the basket. "Knowing you, you probably poisoned it."
        • "I... probably deserved that."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 11:28
          The Notary turned away from the irritatingly chirpy midget and began to glide off. Before she did, though, she spoke. "Whether I would do it is completely irrelevant anyway. My partner would not."
      • Gabby noticed the Notary...Voyd, Mon Apr 20 10:10
        And bounced up to her, almost as cheerful as Wobbles. "Hi there! I'm Gabby the hobgoblin. Have I mentioned you look really, really great in those robes?" ((Yeah... figure I may as well mention this... more
        • "You have not."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 11:26
          "Presumably on the basis that you are not a liar. Find Agent Luxury, if you're sufficiently desperate. I believe the two of you will get along just famously." --- ((Quick tip from someone who's also... more
          • "Who's Luxury?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 11:32
            "This is actually the first time Chak and I have been out of the RC since we started working here. Anyway, I didn't catch your name. You probably caught mine, though! I'm in the DMS. Just got back... more
            • "My sincerest possible congratulations."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 11:49
              The Notary's voice was about as sincere as a vow of fidelity from Casanova. "If you want to find Luxury, just listen for the creak of bedsprings. I suggest you seek her out. Via leaving. Presently."
              • ((By the way...))Voyd, Mon Apr 20 11:57
                ((If I were ever to do a cowrite with you, it seems that Gabby and Chakkik would get along with the Notary and Wobbles much, much better than Valon and Kala would. Gabby just completely ignores... more
              • "Pardon me."Voyd, Mon Apr 20 11:53
                If the Notary were to turn, she'd see shimmering, and Chakkik returning to his standard form. *my partner may not have heard of luxury, but i have. i would rather the two never meet. my partner may... more
                • "Clearly you were made for each other."Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:05
                  The Notary turned a sneer on Chakkik. "Though one does rather wonder what precisely you're doing here. Is hanging around your partner just a way you like to spend the time, or is there a more sordid... more
                  • ((I tend to just say what's on my mind. Forget I said anything, because my ideas tend to be bad. Derp a durr, I am Voyd and I say contradictory things.)) *you are mistaken, human. i have no interest... more
                    • "Hm? Wha?"Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:30
                      "Huh? Wait, where am I... oh! Hey, mister buggly-person! Uh, can you teleport people? Because I was over there experimenting on mini-sandwiches and, uh... uh-oh... oh dear. I think BP&J just got... more
                      • "Chkk chk... !?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 12:39
                        Chakkik suddenly found himself without a voice. He frantically tried to work with his translation collar, but obviously it wasn't helping. "Kr-r-r-r-r! Crrrkkchk!" He started rapidly clawing at the... more
                        • "Acute arcane technometaplasia,"Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:43
                          The Notary called over her shoulder, slightly smug. "Look it up."
                          • "Uh... Chak?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 12:46
                            The panicking Mantis Ant stopped chattering for a moment when his partner spoke. Gabby was holding an extra translation collar. "I just figured, if we were on a Mana mission or something, and your... more
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