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"Clearly you were made for each other."
Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:05

The Notary turned a sneer on Chakkik. "Though one does rather wonder what precisely you're doing here. Is hanging around your partner just a way you like to spend the time, or is there a more sordid element to proceedings?" She gave him a more detailed inspection. "I dread to think."


((We basically don't interact outside of Showdown and I'm not exactly eager to work with your agents. Either set. You're also on the record as genuinely despising the Notary, so why you want to write for her totally eludes me. Do you just want more people to tell you that you're smart and your agents are lovely characters or something?))

  • "Pardon me."Voyd, Mon Apr 20 11:53
    If the Notary were to turn, she'd see shimmering, and Chakkik returning to his standard form. *my partner may not have heard of luxury, but i have. i would rather the two never meet. my partner may... more
    • "Clearly you were made for each other." — Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:05
      • ((I tend to just say what's on my mind. Forget I said anything, because my ideas tend to be bad. Derp a durr, I am Voyd and I say contradictory things.)) *you are mistaken, human. i have no interest... more
        • "Hm? Wha?"Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:30
          "Huh? Wait, where am I... oh! Hey, mister buggly-person! Uh, can you teleport people? Because I was over there experimenting on mini-sandwiches and, uh... uh-oh... oh dear. I think BP&J just got... more
          • "Chkk chk... !?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 12:39
            Chakkik suddenly found himself without a voice. He frantically tried to work with his translation collar, but obviously it wasn't helping. "Kr-r-r-r-r! Crrrkkchk!" He started rapidly clawing at the... more
            • "Acute arcane technometaplasia,"Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:43
              The Notary called over her shoulder, slightly smug. "Look it up."
              • "Uh... Chak?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 12:46
                The panicking Mantis Ant stopped chattering for a moment when his partner spoke. Gabby was holding an extra translation collar. "I just figured, if we were on a Mana mission or something, and your... more
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