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"Acute arcane technometaplasia,"
Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:43

The Notary called over her shoulder, slightly smug. "Look it up."

  • "Chkk chk... !?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 12:39
    Chakkik suddenly found himself without a voice. He frantically tried to work with his translation collar, but obviously it wasn't helping. "Kr-r-r-r-r! Crrrkkchk!" He started rapidly clawing at the... more
    • "Acute arcane technometaplasia," — Scapegrace, Mon Apr 20 12:43
      • "Uh... Chak?"Voyd, Mon Apr 20 12:46
        The panicking Mantis Ant stopped chattering for a moment when his partner spoke. Gabby was holding an extra translation collar. "I just figured, if we were on a Mana mission or something, and your... more
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