"I heard about that."
Tue Apr 21, 2015 13:43

Zeb looked somber. "My partner's brother is an intern in DoSAT. We're just relieved it wasn't him." He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "I only stay here because I have nowhere else to go, and I suppose it's the same for Rina. What about you, though? Why hasn't your trainer left?"

  • "Thank you. I heard that it helps around here."SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 13:02
    Owen barked with laughter. "After all, you have to be crazy to run after creatures which are by definition superior to you in every single aspect. Like, did you hear about Officer Pham? Three days... more
    • "I heard about that." — Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 13:43
      • "He's looking to have some experience with patrolling, search-and-rescue, and containing dangerous situations all while working with his Pokémon team. The PPC is a great place to do that. Ben is... more
        • "I... I'm not really sure."Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 14:28
          Zeb sighed and sat back. "I never really thought about doing anything else, really. I mean, the POC gave me a second chance; I figured I must've been blown through that plothole for a reason. I... more
          • Owen shook his head.SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 21:11
            "Bleeding heart. You're such a bleeding heart. You fell though that plothole because of a freak accident, not because of fate or a 'reason' or even being given a second chance. You just lucked out,... more
            • Zeb opened his mouth—Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 21:19
              —likely to tell Owen something he'd regret— when the Fletchinder appeared. "Oh, hello again, Tacitus," Zeb said, turning away from Owen. "I can't blame you for not wanting to meet the Notary. I've... more
              • The disguised Zorua nodded.SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 22:15
                "A horrible woman by all accounts. There is an information broker in DoI who is attempting to put together a file on her. She has had little success so far-- almost no information of the Notary... more
                • "Kind of?"Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 22:25
                  Zeb shrugged. "I mean, she's rude and stuck-up enough as it is, but I'm mostly mad ather for what she did to my partner. Long story short, Rina was delirious and the Notary abandoned her in a... more
                  • Tacitus nodded.SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 22:39
                    "She most definitely can, but..." The Zorua's eyes narrowed. "My friend isn't without morals. She will not sell you this information if you have malicious intentions. You and your partner are the... more
                    • "That's not it at all!" Zeb protested.Iximaz, Tue Apr 21 22:45
                      "It's just that I have a question that I think Rina and I deserve the answer to." His fists clenched. "Why us? Why were we picked to go into Rose Potter when there must have been better-qualified,... more
                      • Tacitus' tail feathers twitched.SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 21 23:06
                        "I understand your anger. The broker herself has said that the Rose Potter series was a job for the Special Operations Division. There is an overwhelming chance that this was simply a mistake. Even... more
                        • Zeb fell back, stunned.Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 05:46
                          "So it was just a mistake," he whispered bitterly. He barked out a laugh. "I mean, I'd been wondering, but finding out what really happened?" He shook his head. "It seems like it's a cruel joke." Zeb ... more
                          • "Perhaps not." SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 10:25
                            Tacitus looked at Zeb in silence for a moment. "It does seem to be a cruel joke, yes. Such is life, I'm afraid. Either way, if ever you need information, please consider my employer. She's one of the ... more
                            • Zeb gave a noncommittal grunt.Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 10:32
                              "Never really understood why humans and so many other species need money. Suppose I ought to look into that." He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "You know, I can't remember the last time ... more
                              • "Humans are so fragile and boring . Aside from technology and clothing, they don't have anything on us," said Owen, letting a little current of Aura dance across his paws to illustrate his point. "It ... more
                                • "Uh..."Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 11:29
                                  Zeb's ears flattened against his skull. "I don't know... I've never done a battle without a trainer before and you're probably a lot more experienced than me..."
                                  • "Oh, come on."SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 13:26
                                    "Since when do we need to have trainers continuously yell instructions in our ears? You do know how to fight: you survived a month here and killed a Legendary while you're at it. How is fighting... more
                                    • ((Boy runs Intimidate, for reasons best known to himself. Flame Orb Guts Fire Fang OHKOs, and ain't the square root of bugger-all Lucario can do about it. Now, if it was ME against a Lucario, I'd get ... more
                                      • ((Along with a crap moveset. He was a Nuzlocke Pokémon before he came to the PPC and you don't get to really pick and choose in Nuzruns.))
                                      • ((Oh, Owen isn't meant to be sympathetic.))SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 14:39
                                        ((He is a nasty, bullying turd. We can't have nice PPC agents all the time, can we? Gotta shake things up somehow. And I get the feeling that you don't like DIA very much-- especially after the... more
                                        • ((Oh, sorry, was it obvious?))Scapegrace, Wed Apr 22 14:48
                                          ((I appreciate that they're a necessary evil, but every single one of them so far has been an unrepentant fascist. And yes, that does include the Guardsman. I'm extremely tempted to have her open up... more
                                          • ((What.))SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 15:04
                                            >DIA >Necessary evil >Fascists >The Guardsman is a fascist >U w0t m8 ((I... don't follow you. Really, I don't. Are you confusing Internal Affairs with DIS? Because those guys were nuts.))
                                            • Then let me break this down.Scapegrace, Wed Apr 22 15:11
                                              Clearly there are some differently-bright people in attendance. I accept that there needs to be a system of oversight in place at the PPC. I think the DIA is, by and large, good at its job. I also... more
                                              • Over the line, Scape.Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 15:50
                                                Please try to keep this discussion civil, and that includes not insulting SeaTurtle's intelligence.
                                              • ((Insulting my intelligence?))SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 15:21
                                                ((Please keep this civil, Scapegrace. What I don't understand is how you interpret the handful of named DIA officers as fascist. Are you using the term as a generic insult ("that Nazi!") or do you... more
                                                • I mean it thus:Scapegrace, Wed Apr 22 17:05
                                                  There's a slightly archaic British term for people who abuse their power and are unpleasant to deal with. While it has been superseded by the considerably more mild (and more focused on bureaucracy)... more
                                                  • I'm interested in knowing....SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 18:31
                                                    ...exactly what facets of the Guardsman's politics you're opposed to. Can you expand on that? After all, I do have some insider knowledge on his character and can maybe explain his thought process.... more
                                                    • He comes off a bit Thatcherite to me.Scapegrace, Wed Apr 22 21:15
                                                      Very heavy on the law'n'order, very militaristic. I'm extremely left-wing politically, so it rubs me up the wrong way. And now we get to the more important part of this post:- I'm sorry I insulted... more
                                                      • I accept your apology.SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 21:48
                                                        Now let bygones be bygones and let's move on with our lives. No point in carrying around grudges or ill will, eh? ...and are you OK? You sound like you're really hurting with all that pent-up anger.... more
                                                        • We should.Scapegrace, Wed Apr 22 21:50
                                                          And no, I'm not okay, and no, there really, really isn't. It's just something I have to live with, that's all.
                                                          • I'm not in your position...SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 22:09
                                                            ...and I most certainly don't know what it's like being you but I will say this: do not "live with it". Take care of yourself. I feel bad about spouting this platitude but you really shouldn't live... more
                                                            • Why shouldn't I live with it?Scapegrace, Wed Apr 22 22:13
                                                              Genuinely, why bother trying to fix something that broken? My experiences with therapy have ranged from the useless to the actively harmful because I deflect and lie through my teeth and tell the... more
                                    • "Earthquake."Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 13:39
                                      Zeb's tail flicked in agitation. "I suppose you wouldn't be willing to not use that, either? Never mind, I already know the answer." He mentally cursed the fact that his old trainer had never taught... more
                                      • "Excellent."SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 14:26
                                        "Let's move away from the rest of the group: no need to start tearing up their picnic, right?" said Owen as he moved away from the picnic area. He took a deep breath and focused on Zeb's Aura,... more
                                        • ((Aand the battle's results.))Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 18:05
                                          ((Let's just say the outcome was not expected.))
                                          • ((Here we go.))Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 18:19
                                            ((This took place in the chat of the battle afterwards.)) Owen removed his vest and threw it to the side. "Come and get some, Rookie!" Zeb gulped. ((And then, once again, the battle .)) Zeb stood... more
                                            • Inside Owen's head was a different story.SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 18:48
                                              Shame and embarrassment welled up in the defeated Lucario's mind. You couldn't even move, he thought. You are weak. Worthless. Full of Tauros dung. Disgusting. If this were an actual situation you... more
                                              • Zeb could smell Owen's suppressed hatred.Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 19:09
                                                He gave the Lucario an anxious glance. "You know, I really just got lucky with that. You would have won under normal circumstances, no doubt."
                                                • "Nah, you beat me fair and square," said Owen...SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 19:34
                                                  ...tying to pass off his frown as a held-in sneeze. "After all, you're a legendary badfic slayer! If a single Lucario can stop you in your tracks, then you're a pretty bad Assassin!" As the two... more
                                                  • "Owen."Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 19:41
                                                    Zeb stopped short and turned to face the Lucario. "I can smell you're upset. Please, what's the matter?"
                                                    • "Nothing, Rookie. Quit prying."SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 19:50
                                                      Owen could feel a Nasty Plot brewing in the back of his head but tried to keep a Calm Mind. He forced himself to breathe through his nose and keep his eyes froward. What would Victoria do? Besides... more
                                                      • Zeb knew better than to push any further.Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 20:08
                                                        "Alright. I'm sorry." He padded in silence over the grass, tail drooping. He didn't know what he'd done wrong, and Owen wasn't going to open up anytime soon, it looked like. He sighed, but perked up... more
                                                        • It took every single bit of willpower...SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 20:36
                                                          ...for Owen to resist grinding his teeth together at Rina's comment. He stood to attention and pulled a perfect salute for the Time Lady. "No harm done, Agent Dives. Zeb is a confident fighter--... more
                                                          • Rina turned bright red.Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 20:44
                                                            "I did half the work," she said, looking anywhere but the Lucario. "And Zeb's really the one who deserves the attention I've been getting." She didn't add the unwanted part. "But confident? Nah, not... more
                                                            • "He works in Special Response if I recall correctly-- Buck and I work in Patrol. Neither my trainer or I have really had interactions with the Guardsman other than catching glimpses of each other in... more
                                                              • Rina's shoulders slumped.Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 21:04
                                                                "I guess I should've realized you wouldn't know each other. He's pretty cool, helped me get used to my new abilities and stuff after I came back from Rose." She scratched her ear, looking sheepish.... more
                                                                • "A boyfriend?" said Owen.SeaTurtle, Wed Apr 22 22:01
                                                                  He looked at Buck. "What?" The Skiddo stared back. "He means a mate. Dives is the life partner of some gentleman. They probably live together, eat together, go on missions together, sleep together,... more
                                        • ((You have his moveset wrong, I noticed.))Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 17:42
                                          ((It's Thubder Fang, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, and Bite. Anyway, I'm in Writing and waiting. My brother has tennis so that means I don't have to get off the computer until 7:00.))
                                        • ((It would have to wait an hour and a half, but why not let the RNGsus take the reins?))
                                        • ((Dumb Owen is dumb))Scapegrace, Wed Apr 22 14:50
                                          ((Paralysis cuts your speed by 75%.))
                                      • ((*Shock Wave, not Discharge.)) (nm)Iximaz, Wed Apr 22 13:41
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