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"Ah, hello there!"
Tue Apr 21, 2015 16:44

Darkotas leapt off his bench, still holding his clipboard and flipping to a new piece of paper. He approached the two women with a smile on his face.
"I'm Darkotas, Mage of Azeroth and prospective journalist here for the Multiverse Monitor. I thought I'd come here for some inspiration - would you mind if I asked a few questions about being in the PPC?" he asked with his free hand running through his blondish brown hair. "I understand if either of you are busy or wouldn't feel comfortable... don't worry, this won't be published."

  • "The sunlight feels super! Isn't that right?"Edhelistar, Tue Apr 21 10:06
    Said Solvig as she entered the courtyard, looking up, her eyes closed and arms outstretched. She was followed by a woman with short blonde hair and green eyes. The woman sniffed the air and... more
    • "Ah, hello there!" — Darkotas, Tue Apr 21 16:44
      • Solvig didn't seem to be aware of anything.Edhelistar, Wed Apr 22 21:23
        So, the blonde chimed in. "Sorry, do not mind the girl. She has not felt sunlight for over ten years, she will probably be like that for a while. But I am free, I can answer your questions." She... more
        • "Fantastic!"Darkotas, Thu Apr 23 01:02
          ((Hey, no problem! Not in any hurry here. :) )) The young man beamed when he heard the positive answer, and he flipped to a new page in his notepad. "Alright, so let's get started with...uh..." His... more
          • The woman looked thoughtful...Edhelistar, Thu Apr 23 11:16
            "Hmm... My name..." She mused, then spoke mostly to herself, "Well I have been known by many names, in fact, I have forgotten my original name. Probably should say my currently used name for work,... more
            • The Mage took a moment to jot down some notes.Darkotas, Sun Apr 26 13:22
              "A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Chan." He smiled before continuing on. "So, you work with children? Sounds like quite a noble endeavor, especially with all the chaos that seems to be everywhere... more
              • "'Inspiring', heh? Are you new here?" She chuckled darkly. " As söt it is to see a child smile when patting a Pikachu, or watching this girl,"--points at Solvig--"coming to grips that she can not go... more
                • "I...had not considered that, actually."Darkotas, Wed Apr 29 23:03
                  Darkotas took a moment to write down a few words; they were more for his benefit than anything else, as he made a note to follow up on this angle when he had the chance. "Perhaps... some different... more
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