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Solvig didn't seem to be aware of anything.
Wed Apr 22, 2015 21:23

So, the blonde chimed in. "Sorry, do not mind the girl. She has not felt sunlight for over ten years, she will probably be like that for a while. But I am free, I can answer your questions." She sighed and uncomfortably looked around. "It is a shame that it will not get published though, I was quite eager to know how that jävla tabloid would have twisted my words." She made a sheepish-looking smile.

((Sorry I took so long, I was quite sleepy.))

  • "Ah, hello there!"Darkotas, Tue Apr 21 16:44
    Darkotas leapt off his bench, still holding his clipboard and flipping to a new piece of paper. He approached the two women with a smile on his face. "I'm Darkotas, Mage of Azeroth and prospective... more
    • Solvig didn't seem to be aware of anything. — Edhelistar, Wed Apr 22 21:23
      • "Fantastic!"Darkotas, Thu Apr 23 01:02
        ((Hey, no problem! Not in any hurry here. :) )) The young man beamed when he heard the positive answer, and he flipped to a new page in his notepad. "Alright, so let's get started with...uh..." His... more
        • The woman looked thoughtful...Edhelistar, Thu Apr 23 11:16
          "Hmm... My name..." She mused, then spoke mostly to herself, "Well I have been known by many names, in fact, I have forgotten my original name. Probably should say my currently used name for work,... more
          • The Mage took a moment to jot down some notes.Darkotas, Sun Apr 26 13:22
            "A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Chan." He smiled before continuing on. "So, you work with children? Sounds like quite a noble endeavor, especially with all the chaos that seems to be everywhere... more
            • "'Inspiring', heh? Are you new here?" She chuckled darkly. " As söt it is to see a child smile when patting a Pikachu, or watching this girl,"--points at Solvig--"coming to grips that she can not go... more
              • "I...had not considered that, actually."Darkotas, Wed Apr 29 23:03
                Darkotas took a moment to write down a few words; they were more for his benefit than anything else, as he made a note to follow up on this angle when he had the chance. "Perhaps... some different... more
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