Taldaris looked around.
Sun Apr 26, 2015 13:00

He was certain that he heard another voice-- not the Yoshi's-- echo though the halls. He shrugged and turned back to the dinosaur agent. "You are new here, correct? No need to worry. You're in the Headquarters of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum."

"And I'm an Earth pony, thank you very much," huffed Fire Flash, shifting under her plate armour. "Jeez, the amount of respect I get in this place..."

  • Who are you?OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 12:42
    Where am I? And why am I being talked to by a horse?
    • Taldaris looked around. — SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 13:00
      • "I just sorta popped up,"OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 13:10
        But yeah, I guess I'm new here? What's the Protectors of the Plot Con... continum?
        • Iximaz, Sun Apr 26 13:14
          The clop-clop-clop of delicate hooves could be heard before a light purple Andalite rounded the corner. Her stalk-eyes swung forward so she could study the orange dinosaur with all four eyes. She... more
          • The Yoshi pointed at the Andalite.OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 13:18
            "What's that?" ((Did you mean to not have a subject line?))
            • ((Huh, that's weird.))Iximaz, Sun Apr 26 13:21
              ((It looks like putting the subject line in carrots erases it? It was supposed to be )) The Andalite's nostril slots flared.
              • ((I confess myself to be very, very curious.)) ((~DF))
              • ((It thinks it's HTML code.))OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 13:31
                "I- I mean who is that!" the Yoshi managed to squeak out.
              • ((Or... not just the subject line.))Iximaz, Sun Apr 26 13:29
                ((Let's try this again. Argh, using brackets this time instead. What she originally said last time was [Another hapless recruit? How delightful.] )) The Andalite's nostrils flared. [Careful, Yoshi.... more
                • "It's Nine,"OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 13:32
                  "I do know that's a stupid name, but we have... weird naming conventions."
                  • [I should say so.]Iximaz, Sun Apr 26 13:45
                    Farilan's fingers were flying over her tablet; her main eyes were fixated on the screen, while one stalk eye focused on Nine and the other on the rest of the agents. [A less-than superior naming... more
                    • "Er..."OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 13:46
                      "Just half an hour I think..."
                      • [Of course.]Iximaz, Sun Apr 26 13:52
                        Farilan's stalk eyes swung around to both focus on Nine. [In that case, your ignorance is forgivable, if not excusable.] She slid her tablet back I to her bag. [Since you are still green behind the... more
                        • Fire Flash raised a hoof.SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 14:09
                          "Protocol, Agent uh... Farilan. DIA has got to accompany new recruits to Personnel so we're coming along with you." As the yellow Earth pony and the protoss High Templar formed up behind the Yoshi,... more
                          • "Where are we going?"OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 14:10
                            ((And what species is Taldaris?))
                            • In the corridor before them...Desdendelle, Sun Apr 26 14:15
                              The agents (and the Yoshi) could see a curious sight: a man in black military uniform arguing with a floating ball of blue light. “No, Amris, you cannot tear them limb from limb. Nevermind the red... more
                              • "Hi?" (nm)OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 14:16
                                • ((Reuniting the split thread.))SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 14:22
                                  "Good day, agents!" said Fire Flash cheerfully. "How are you?" " En taro Adun, " said Taldaris, looking at Amris. " If you don't mind me asking, what are you? " he asked the Culture drone. " I've... more
                                  • ((Thankee; that was a bit confusing.))Desdendelle, Sun Apr 26 14:29
                                    “I am a value 2.0 Culture Drone. My (short) name is Amris.” The light became a bit transparent, allowing everybody to see that it was actually some sort of force-field covering a white, spherical... more
                                    • ((Ok.))OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 14:31
                                      "Was it just me or were you telling him not to rip us apart? And what does DF-ESAS mean?"
                                      • "DF-ESAS..."SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 15:54
                                        " ...stands for the Department of Floaters, Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species, " said Taldaris. " They are usually called out when a high-powered Suvian needs to be taken down. " Turning to... more
                                        • The Mage looked around.Desdendelle, Sun Apr 26 16:27
                                          “Nanohaverse — “Game Theory” alternate universe, to be precise.” Navare clasped his hands behind his back. “Where might you come from, Taldaris?” “Your innards have a lovely colour,” Amris gravely... more
                                          • "StarCraft verse."SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 16:57
                                            " More specifically, Aiur, my race's Homeworld. It's been overrun with Zerg for the past seventeen years but... " The High Templar vaguely gestured in the air with his clawed, four fingered hands. "... more
                                            • "As interesting as that was..."OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 17:07
                                              "... I have no idea what any of that meant. And now I think about it, nothing here makes sense at all!" He looked down a hallway. "Oh look, someone with a flamethrower. Who's 'Mr. Rogers?'"
                                              • There is bloodlust!Desdendelle, Sun Apr 26 17:14
                                                Even though the Drone lacked any sort of face, the rosy glow of its aura field made its bloodthirsty ‘smile’ all too clear. “Oh, now, now,” it said in its deep voice, “I am not going to dismember our ... more
                                                • The Yoshi backed away slowly.OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 17:18
                                                  "Are most people here like him?"
                                                  • "Pretty much, yeah," said Fire Flash.SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 19:03
                                                    "And this is just ESAS. Wait 'till you see the Assassins." " Not helping, Fire Flash. " "Well ex-cuuuuuuse me if I want to show the new guy how we actually are around here. Besides, he still didn't... more
                                                    • Farilan almost seemed to smile.Iximaz, Sun Apr 26 19:51
                                                      [I am sure Personnel will be able to assign Nine a job in a department best suited to him. Perhaps something like janitorial work?]
                                                      • Fire Flash ground her teeth together.SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 20:22
                                                        She had a little capital-t-Tirade prepared for just such an occasion, oh yes, because it was disgusting that people judged each other on appearance-- when she joined DIA she had to put up with so... more
                                                        • "Yes?"OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 20:52
                                                          "I guess? I still am not sure what it is we're doing but it sounds interesting, so... sure?"
                                                          • "Okay. Quick facts," said Fire Flash.SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 21:23
                                                            "One. This is the PPC. We defend the multiverse from Mary Sues and their ilk, who are spawned by people writing bad stories about said multiverse. Two. We have many departments, each specializing in... more
                                                            • "We didn't really have a currency back home, so any money at all is interesting to me. Bad stories? Like with bad grammer and spelling and such? Because how would that break things?" ((This is my... more
                                                              • "Whaddya mean, 'sounds okay'?"SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 28 21:35
                                                                "Look dude, what don't you understand about 'this job eats away at your soul'? Luna's stars, I'm giving you a chance to get out of here unscathed! Take it and run!" said Fire Flash. " Like you said,... more
                                                                • New PersonRogErt, Wed Apr 29 01:03
                                                                  While Fire Flash said this, a grey-haired man was walking towards the group, dressed in an orange-and-pink pinstripe suit with a black tie. He was drinking some coffee, but he spit it out upon seeing ... more
                                                                • "Well I never had much to do at home."Nine, Tue Apr 28 21:52
                                                                  "And..." *beat* "... you know what, I'm not even going to ask that question. I mean, this place is run by daisies, so how much crazier can it get?" ((The answer: much crazier. He has no clue what... more
                                                              • ((Joining in))RogErt, Tue Apr 28 00:01
                                                                ((While I know my earlier post on this thread wasn't too great, I wonder if I can still join in. Also, I wonder how I can incorporate a new person into this story, as I have only been on for a short... more
                                                                • ((Assuming nobody minds...))Desdendelle, Tue Apr 28 12:41
                                                                  ((Yeah, you can join in. Incorporating a new person in is easy, really: when people are walking-and-talking in HQ like the characters are doing now, it's really easy to bump into people. Or just pass ... more
                                                  • ((It.))Desdendelle, Sun Apr 26 17:20
                                                    ((The correct pronoun is 'it'; Amris is gender- and sexless. It's a machine.))
                                          • o.oOrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 16:29
                                            ((I have a feeling nine's gonna end up in medical.))
                                            • Unexpected Arival[EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Sun Apr 26 17:06
                                              What could best be described a robot of some kind walked through the halls, standing at about 1.85 meters, or near about 6 feet, A large blue, for lack of a better term, eye surveyed the location,... more
                                        • "Good to know, I guess."OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 16:22
                                          "So, why am I being taken to see this daisy-guy? Am I in trouble for something?"
                        • "The who?"OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 14:06
                          ((Yay! Now everyone has their jerk!))
                          • "The Marquis de Sod," said Fire Flash.SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 14:13
                            "Hang on to your saddle 'cause this is gonna get weird. Essentially, you're in a building that intersects multiple planes of existence at the same time. We're part of an organization that fights... more
                            • "Oooooooookay..."OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 14:15
                              "So essentially, this place is completely off-the-wall-insane?"
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