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"The Marquis de Sod," said Fire Flash.
Sun Apr 26, 2015 14:13

"Hang on to your saddle 'cause this is gonna get weird. Essentially, you're in a building that intersects multiple planes of existence at the same time. We're part of an organization that fights parasites that try to take over said planes of existence. Our superiors come from a planet or something where intelligent life was... well, the plants themselves. For example, the Marquis is a walking talking Daisy."

  • "The who?"OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 14:06
    ((Yay! Now everyone has their jerk!))
    • "The Marquis de Sod," said Fire Flash. — SeaTurtle, Sun Apr 26 14:13
      • "Oooooooookay..."OrangeYoshi99, Sun Apr 26 14:15
        "So essentially, this place is completely off-the-wall-insane?"
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