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Corinna took a deep sigh and looked the Mage in the eyes.
Mon Apr 27, 2015 22:12

"'Inspiring', heh? Are you new here?" She chuckled darkly. " As söt it is to see a child smile when patting a Pikachu, or watching this girl,"--points at Solvig--"coming to grips that she can not go back home again, all goes to skit when you see or remember scenes like this." She gestures to the unfolding scene in the other part of the courtyard. "You see, the kids idolize this 'Agents', specially the 'Assassins' from The Department of Mary Sues, they want to emulate them and become like them when they grow up, is just..." She sighed again. "It... it... just breaks my hearts that those children are in the path to become insane psychopaths, like... like..." She closed her eyes and refused to complete that sentence, wading deep inside her memories.

  • The Mage took a moment to jot down some notes.Darkotas, Sun Apr 26 13:22
    "A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Chan." He smiled before continuing on. "So, you work with children? Sounds like quite a noble endeavor, especially with all the chaos that seems to be everywhere... more
    • Corinna took a deep sigh and looked the Mage in the eyes. — Edhelistar, Mon Apr 27 22:12
      • "I...had not considered that, actually."Darkotas, Wed Apr 29 23:03
        Darkotas took a moment to write down a few words; they were more for his benefit than anything else, as he made a note to follow up on this angle when he had the chance. "Perhaps... some different... more
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