((Assuming nobody minds...))
Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:41

((Yeah, you can join in. Incorporating a new person in is easy, really: when people are walking-and-talking in HQ like the characters are doing now, it's really easy to bump into people. Or just pass them by or whatnot.))

  • ((Joining in))RogErt, Tue Apr 28 00:01
    ((While I know my earlier post on this thread wasn't too great, I wonder if I can still join in. Also, I wonder how I can incorporate a new person into this story, as I have only been on for a short... more
    • ((Assuming nobody minds...)) — Desdendelle, Tue Apr 28 12:41
      • ((Go on ahead!))OrangeYoshi99, Tue Apr 28 21:56
        ((Due to HQ being easier to navigate if you utterly fail to pay attention to where you're going, usually you literally run into someone.))
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